What happened to the founder of DHL?

What happened to the founder of DHL?

SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands (AP) _ Larry Hillblom, the multimillionaire co-founder of DHL Worldwide Express, was killed when his small plane crashed in bad weather. Hillblom and two other men left Saipan on Sunday for Pagan Island, 290 miles north of here.

Who was the H in DHL?

Larry Hillblom
The billionaire in question is one you may have never heard of: Larry Hillblom, better known as the “H” in DHL, the shipping company. He rose fast, lived hard, lived harder, lived a little creepily, then really creepily, and then died, kind of mysteriously, in a plane crash off of Saipan in 1995.

Who was the founder of DHL?

Adrian Dalsey
Larry HillblomRobert Lynn

Who died with Larry Hillblom?

Hillblom was an aircraft enthusiast and owned a number of vintage planes. His seaplane crashed on May 21, 1995, on a flight from Pagan Island to Saipan. The bodies of the pilot, Robert Long, and a business partner were found, but Hillblom’s body was never recovered.

Who funded DHL?

DHL is funded by Catena . DHL has made 4 investments. Their most recent investment was on Nov 18, 2021 , when Miami International Airport raised $78M .

What is the full name of DHL?

Dalsey Hillblom Lynn
DHL stands for Dalsey Hillblom Lynn. It is a German logistic company providing international shipping and courier services. Its name is derived from the initials of the last name of its founders; Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn.

Who was Larry Hillblom?

Based on the enigmatic life and convoluted probate proceedings of his death, Shadow Billionaire is a rather fascinating insight in to DHL founder and billionaire, Larry Hillblom.

What happened to DHL founder Larry Hillblom?

After Larry Hillblom, founder of DHL, disappeared following a 1995 plane crash off his Micronesian island home, dozens of would be heirs came out of the woodwork to lay claim to his mega fortune.

How did Larry hilblom become rich?

Larry Hilblom co-founded DHL became wealthy then semi-retired to Saipan where he dabbled in a diverse array of businesses, aviation, and secretly fathering illegitimate children. Lacking a pilot’s license and surviving a serious plane crash did not deter Larry from the skies.

What are the reviews of Shadow Billionaire?

Shadow Billionaire sports many twists and turns, with the intrigue and insight of top-tier journalism. October 28, 2009 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review… There are no featured reviews for Shadow Billionaire because the movie has not released yet ().