What happened to the real family from The Impossible?

What happened to the real family from The Impossible?

Today, the family from The Impossible is devoted to doing good. The tsunami changed the course of the family’s lives. Now living in Barcelona, 54-year-old Belón continues to work as a doctor, and is an advocate for tsunami survivors and a motivational speaker.

Did Karl from The Impossible ever find his family?

The bodies of his parents, Asa and Tomas, were returned to Sweden in April. They were also cremated. Their arrival had been delayed because of bureaucratic wrangling in Thailand. But six months after Karl became an orphan the Nilsson family is yet to be reunited, even in death.

Was Daniel Real in The Impossible?

This was Daniel who, in real life, was a Swedish boy. The family helped to save the boy and get him to a hospital for treatment. The family of Daniel in real life finally met him at the hospital after searching for him for a long time.

Did María Belón lost her leg?

The tsunami hit the resort on the third day of their vacation. Caught up in a wave, debris pounded Belón’s body, breaking her nose, tearing up her leg and causing bleeding in the kidneys, bladder and intestines.

Did Maria Belon survive?

After being submerged for more than three minutes, she finally surfaced and clung on to a tree. She was petrified, alone and convinced she was dying – but in a miracle that has inspired new film The Impossible, the mum and her family survived.

Does María Belón believe in God?

Belon: I became very spiritual after (the tsunami). I lived through very deep spiritual moments but there is no God for me. Q: How are your children?

Is’the impossible’based on a true story?

Read to know more about the real family the story is based on. The Impossible, released in 2012, is a movie based on the real-life events that took place during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but the family whose story is depicted is also a real family.

What happens to the family in the impossible?

Moments later, a tsunami destroys the complex and forces the family members to fight for their lives. The Impossible was written by Sergio G. Sánchez. For The Impossible, the names and nationalities of the real family were changed.

Who are the three children in the impossible?

Among the tourists who would survive were María Belón, Enrique Alvárez, and their three children Lucas, Simón, and Tomás. The Impossible tells the real-life survival story of this family.

Is the Bennet family from the impossible real?

Miraculously, the family whose story is told in The Impossible all survived the disaster. Though the Bennet family in The Impossible is British, the real family that inspired the film is from Spain.