What is a Cshm?

What is a Cshm?

The Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) certification is offered through the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM), an industry-recognized certification body for health, safety, and environmental (HSE) professionals.

How do I get Cshm?


  1. Baccalaurate degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university plus five years of qualified work experience or,
  2. ASHM designation plus two years of qualified work experience.
  3. Full-time professional safety and health management experience are acceptable.

What is Ashm certification?

IHMM’s Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM®) credential recognizes professionals who are recent Bachelor’s degree graduates with a focus in health and safety-related fields. This credential puts the holder on the fast-track to the CSHM credential.

What is a CHSM?

The Certified Homeland Security Manager (CHSM) oversees tasks and activities related to the protection of agencies from external threats.

Is IOSH managing safely a Level 3 qualification?

Our Level 3 qualification is now available as e-learning. A globally recognised qualification designed for anyone wanting to pursue a career in safety and health.

What is Chmm passing score?

ST/CHMM Examination Information The passing score is 65. You are not eligible to take the exam until properly registered and have paid your IHMM registration fee. Online testing is the standard method of administration for the ST/CHMM examination.

What is safety professional?

Safety professionals are individuals who typically work in the manufacturing, warehousing, or industrial settings. Their job is to analyze the workplace environment for potential risks, and based on that information, come up with ways to improve the safety in the facility.

Is IOSH or NEBOSH better?

NEBOSH training courses take considerably longer than IOSH and, as a result, have a higher-level qualification achieved at the end. NEBOSH Diplomas are a Level 6 qualification and degree-level. They are more advanced than IOSH courses and NEBOSH Certificates are requires longer study.

How long is an IOSH certificate valid for?

The IOSH Managing Safely certificate does not have an expiry date, however IOSH do recommend that you take a refresher course every three years to keep your knowledge up to date.

How long is the CHMM exam?

3 hours
The CHMM, CHMP examinations are to be completed in 3 hours and the CDGP examination is to be completed in 3.5 hours. Find a testing center near you.

What is a CSHM certification?

IHMM’s Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM®) credential recognizes knowledge of occupational safety and health plus a working knowledge of business and financial principles and assesses your understanding of hazard analysis, accident investigation, safety audits, workers comp, product safety, environmental laws, labor relations, and more.

What can CSHM do for You?

Project Lead The Way – Biomedical Program is underway! CSHM offers 14 CIF-Sponsored sports teams. The Fine Arts Dept. celebrates the value of the arts in education offering a variety of courses. CSHM celebrates Mass regularly, as well as other liturgical services.

What does CIHM do?

The Canadian Institute of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CIHM) operates the Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (CsHm) and is a self-supporting, non-profit organization which is Incorporated in the Province of Alberta, Canada. The expenditures of the School are paid entirely from the proceeds of the School.

What are the prerequisites for an AShM certification?

The following are the prerequisites… ASHM designation plus two years of qualified work experience. Full-time professional safety and health management experience are acceptable. Requires position duties with 50% or greater safety and health management related activities.