What is a disposable prophy angle?

What is a disposable prophy angle?

Disposable prophy angle in polycarbonate with soft, flexible 100% latex-free cup for low speed prophy attachment handpieces. Prophy Angle minimize prophy paste particles to enter the handpiece and damage the mechanism. Smooth running, silent, vibration-free and no overheating.

What are prophy angles?

Prophy angles are used to apply prophy paste to a patient’s teeth during a routine hygiene appointment. These small handpiece heads are designed to work with dental hygiene handpieces and feature a rotating cup at the tip.

Which attachment can use prophy angles?

A nosecone is a straight attachment that will accept a slow-speed bur or a shaft-driven angle (contra angle or prophy angle).

How do you use a disposable prophy angle?

The prophylaxis contra-angle piece has a small recess at the lower end. Position the prophy angles so that this recess aligns with the slot on the prophy handpiece. Now slowly slide the disposable prophy angle piece onto the handpiece. The disposable prophy angle is now ready for use.

What are prophy cups used for?

Prophylaxis prophy cups are used in combination with tooth polishing pastes to polish teeth. Polishing with prophy cups ensures smooth tooth surfaces at the end of prophylaxis treatment and thus a pleasant mouthfeel for patients. Polishing with prophy cups removes plaque from teeth.

What is a prophy brush?

These Prophy Brushes and Cups are used for polishing and removal of heavy stains. Keystone Industries offers standard or pointed latch type to fit all your needs. The brushes and cups are made of fine nylon bristles assembled to prevent the possibility of pulling out bristles.

What does prophy paste do?

The use of prophylaxis paste has been proven clinically to smooth the enamel surface after hygiene cleaning. This helps to remove calculus, soft deposits, plaque and staining to all supragingival and unattached subgingival tooth surfaces.

Which type of handpiece would be used with a disposable prophy angle?

Which type of handpiece would be used with a disposable prophy angle? Both Slow-speed prophy angle handpiece and Slow-speed motor with a straight attachment are correct.

What are the best disposable prophy angles?

Disposable Prophy Angles Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles are an essential component for every practice. Their ergonomic shape helps reduce hand and arm fatigue and their patented gear design ensures smooth function. They are available in Original, Extra, Skini, and Sweep prophy angle types.

Are there different cups for prophy angles?

And with firm or soft cup options for each prophy angle type, you can ensure you get the right cleaning power for each patient. Color-coded cups allow for easy identification of firm or soft prophy angles Extra and Skini prophy angles are available in right-angle and contra-angle options

Why choose UltraPro TX extra prophy angles?

With Ultrapro Tx prophy angles, you get all the benefits of a high-quality angle without the added cost. And because prophy angles never expire, you can buy your supply in bulk to save even more. Ultrapro Tx Extra prophy angles feature an outer ribbed texture for efficient interproximal cleaning and internal webbing to reduce splatter.