What is a Goldline chicken?

What is a Goldline chicken?

Goldline (Hybrid Hen) The Goldline Hybrid one of the most prolific egg producing hens there is, laying a large number of eggs during their first 3 to 4 years of life. During their first year they can produce up to a whopping 320 eggs.

Are Goldline chickens good layers?

They are very similar in nature and appearance to the Blacktail hens. Goldline hybrids are one of our most prolific layers and will provide you with approximately 320-340 fabulous large brown eggs per year.

Are Bovan brown chickens friendly?

Bovan brown chickens are generally docile, hardy, and gentle at the same time. They’re very friendly, and they love to greet their humans. These birds are also gentle with kids, and they love sitting and roosting on their owner’s knees. That’s why they can be ideal pets as well.

What color eggs do bovan black chickens lay?

The Bovans Black is a black feathered chicken, producing brown quality eggs.

How many eggs do Goldline chickens lay?

They can lay up to 330 eggs a year which means you’ll be getting about 7 eggs a week most of the year. Most heritage breeds only produce 3 to 5 eggs a week. This is why Golden Comet laying hens are usually the breed chosen by people who sell eggs at farmers markets.

What color eggs do Bovan Browns lay?

dark brown eggs
The Bovans Brown is a highly versatile and robust laying hen. Combined traits include high peak production, great laying persistency, and a flat egg weight curve, resulting in top quality dark brown eggs.

How long do Bovan brown hens lay eggs?

18-100 weeks
Cage housing

Laying period 18-100 weeks
Age at 50% production (days) 145
Peak of production (%) 96.5
Average egg weight (g) 63.2
Eggs hen housed 473

How long do Bovan Browns lay for?

18 – 90 Weeks
Predetermined for both intensive and alternative rearing

Laying Period 18 – 90 Weeks
Average Egg Weight 63,3 g
Hen Housed Eggs 418
Hen Housed Egg Mass 26,5 kg
Average Feed Consumption per Day 114 g

What breed is Dekalb?

The Dekalb White chickens are efficient, docile, and capable of laying up to 500 eggs in 100 weeks. As in several parts of the world the egg industry transitions from cage housing systems to cage free and free range housing systems, the Dekalb White is the perfect match for this ongoing evolution.

How long does a rooster stay fertile?

A well good fed health rooster can remain fertiler for several years, although the quantity and quality of sperm that rooster produce decrease as they age. The egg is always fertilized during the first 15 minutes or so after mate.