What is a Philippe Starck Ghost chair?

What is a Philippe Starck Ghost chair?

The shape was a reinvention of a chair used by King Louis XVI, which had an exposed wooden frame, an upholstered seat and armrests with a square or rounded back. In keeping with the chair’s inspiration, the Louis Ghost has an arched back and wide legs that create a geometric silhouette.

What is Philippe Starck Ghost chair made of?

polycarbonate plastic
Like several other iconic chairs, including the Eames fiberglass armchair, the Louis Ghost owes a lot of its resonance to its engineering — Kartell, the company that makes the chair, created it from polycarbonate plastic.

Why was the ghost chair made?

Boeri was bored designing chairs so she decided to create one that was invisible,” she says. In 2002, Starck created what is commonly called a Ghost chair today, basing the design on a Louis XV style armchair.

What style is the ghost chair?

History of the Ghost Chair: The classic Louis XVI (sixteenth) armchair which the Ghost Chair is based upon is an example of Neoclassical French style. Louis XVI (husband of Marie Antoinette) ruled from 1774-1791, and during this period Neoclassicism reigned as well.

Are Ghost chairs stackable?

This resin stackable accent chair brings modern design, elegance and function to your home, restaurant and special events. This modern chair with its Louis XVI styling and near invisibility highlights your artwork and other furniture, lightens a crowded space and can make a small room appear larger.

Can you use Ghost chairs outdoor?

What’s great about the ghost chair? It’s suitable for outdoor use, it’s stackable, and though it’s made of plastic, it’s actually recyclable. It’s stylish, modern, eye-catching, and unique.

Are Ghost chairs comfy?

This ghost chair guide was updated March 2019 I love everything about it – the classic shape rendered in a modern material, the fact that it takes up zero visual space, and the way it allows light to filter right through it. It’s also comfortable and the perfect seat for when guests come over.

How much is a Philippe Starck Ghost Chair worth?

A philippe starck ghost chair, designed in the Modern, Mid-Century Modern or Louis XVI style, is generally a popular piece of furniture. How Much is a Philippe Starck Ghost Chair? Prices for a philippe starck ghost chair start at $155 and top out at $5,908 with the average selling for $625.

When did Jean Starck make the Ghost Chair?

In 2002, Starck created what is commonly called a Ghost chair today, basing the design on a Louis XV style armchair. “Working with Kartell, Starck used injection-molded polycarbonate to create a transparent chair completely free from joinery.

Is Philippe Starck a good interior designer?

Philippe Starck. Phillipe Starck is a master in post-modern décor, whose designs – ranging from ghost chairs to lighting sets – continue to expand the limits of interior art. A true visionary, Philippe Starck is a hugely influential designer, consistently contributing his talent and vision to the modern interior movement.

What kind of chair is Louis Ghost?

His legacy is vast and widespread, but among his many accomplishments, one of the best-known is his iconic lucite Louis Ghost chair. Unusually for such an archetypal piece of furniture, the Louis Ghost is relatively new to the scene; Starck released the design for Kartell in 2002.