What is a Stugna weapon?

What is a Stugna weapon?

The Skif or Stugna-P is a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system developed by the Luch Design Bureau. Its guidance device (ПН-С) is developed and manufactured by Belarusian design bureau Peleng based in Minsk. Skif is the Ukrainian word for Scythian and Stuhna (Stugna) is the name of a local river.

How many Stugna-P missiles does Ukraine have?

100 launchers
The Stugna-P entered into service with the Ukrainian military in 2011. There are about 100 launchers in use and the Luch Design Bureau can’t make them fast enough.

Who makes NLAW anti tank?

Saab Bofors Dynamics Thales Air Defence and more

Manufacturer Saab Bofors Dynamics Thales Air Defence and more (see § Production)
Unit cost US$30,000–40,000
Produced 2008–present
No. built 10,000+

What US weapons does Ukraine?

The US had previously provided Ukraine with more than 600 Stinger anti-aircraft systems and about 2,600 Javelin weapons. Besides the Mi-17 helicopters, it had also given three patrol boats, an array of smaller arms and several radar systems to track artillery, mortar and drone attacks.

Did Ukraine destroy two Russian tanks with Stugna-P missiles?

Two video clips out of the current fighting in Ukraine shows two Russian tanks being destroyed by Ukrainian Stugna-P anti tank guided missiles. The Stugna-P is an organically designed, developed, and produced Ukrainian weapon system.

How does the Stugna missile work?

The STUGNA missile uses semi-active laser beam riding guidance, and with its tandem shaped-charge warhead it is capable of penetrating up to 800 mm explosive reactive armor. The missile can engage targets from 100 to 5,000 m, with flying time to the maximum range not exceeding 14.3 seconds.

What kind of missiles can the Stugna-P launch?

The Stugna-P can launch 130mm and 152mm missiles, the most common of which are the RK-2S, RK-2OF, RK-2M-K, and RK-2M-OF guided missiles. They can be equipped with different types of warheads including tandem cumulative, high-explosive fragmentation, or thermobaric.

What is the Stugna r-111 missile?

In the 1990s, Ukraine’s Luch State Design Bureau developed a Stugna R-111 missile for firing from the 100-millimeter guns of the thousands of T-55 tanks and MT-12 anti-tank guns in service across the globe.