What is a terracing effect?

What is a terracing effect?

3.26 When two neighbours decide to extend at two storey level over their driveways up to the common boundary a ‘terracing effect’ can happen. The result is that the two houses lose their ‘semi-detached ‘or ‘detached’ appearance and appear as terrace houses.

How do I extend a small semi-detached house?

Extension ideas for semi-detached houses

  1. Dig deep for a basement extension. Image credit: Rachael Smith.
  2. Extend up and out. Image credit: Tom Meadows.
  3. Steal space from the garden.
  4. Create a viewing room.
  5. Extend the aesthetic.
  6. Think about access.
  7. Run a light well along the side return.
  8. Stretch across into the garden.

What are the different types of house extensions?

Extensive options: 5 different types of home extension to explore

  • Rear extensions. As the name implies, a rear extension is placed at the back of your property, extending onto the current garden or patio area.
  • Side return extensions.
  • Wrap around extensions.
  • Double storey extensions.
  • Dormer extensions.

What is side return?

A side return is the narrow strip of land that runs alongside the ground floor of a property. It’s often a dumping ground for bins, bikes and outdoor equipment. Extending into this space is what is known as a side return extension.

How far can you extend a semi-detached house?

How much can you extend a semi-detached house? You can extend your semi-detached house by 3m from the rear according to permitted development rights. However, with prior approval, you can go as far back as 6m.

Can I build a 4m extension on a semi-detached house?

Side extensions are permitted and to have a maximum height of 4m and a width no more than half that of the original house. Where the extension comes within 2m of the boundary the height of an extension cannot exceed 3m.

How do you extend a semi-detached bungalow?

Extension ideas for bungalows

  1. Extend the structure across the back. Image credit: David Helsby.
  2. Extend the kitchen.
  3. Look to the light.
  4. Mix loft conversion styles.
  5. Enhance the architecture with a garden room.
  6. Add depth with an L-shaped extension.
  7. Keep it simple with a skylight loft extension.
  8. Extend into the garden.

What is orangery extension?

Orangeries combine elements of a conservatory with a traditional extension. They feature brick pillars so resemble an extension in this way. Unlike an extension which has a flat or tiled roof, however, the roof of an orangery is usually glazed.

What is a multi-storey extension?

Two storey, or multi-storey extensions, can be built to any part of the existing building as with a single storey extension. There is however a much stronger possibility of nuisance towards neighbours, so even if planning permission is not required, it’s advised to get a letter from the Planning Department.

Do I need an architect for a side return extension?

Experts at Resi say, ‘For all large scale home improvement projects, we always recommend you bring an architect on board. Many people baulk at this extra expense, but the benefits of this professional, we believe, make them a great investment. However, you are under no legal obligation to hire one. ‘

Do you need planning permission for a side extension?

What planning permission do I need? A side return extension is considered to be permitted development (PD) — in other words, it doesn’t need planning permission as long as it satisfies certain criteria. First and foremost, it must be attached to a house (flats and maisonettes don’t qualify).

What are the best extensions for a bungalow?

Lindsey Wislocki, of Hedgehog Architects, tells Ideal Home ‘one of the best extensions for a bungalow is to extend the kitchen out the back. Doing so engages the kitchen with the garden, to create a more thoughtful space’. Finishing the build with glass doors and skylight windows allows more light to enhance the space. 3. Look to the light

Can you add a side extension to a semi-detached house?

There are so many side extension ideas to choose from that will make your home more enjoyable, and all of them are going to allow you more room to grow inside the house. A semi-detached home generally has one interior wall that is shared by the two houses attached along one of their walls.

Why choose diligent developments for your Rear House extension?

Never run short of ideas with these top design ideas hand-picked by the team from Diligent Developments. Most homes are built with a lot of room in the backyard, so a rear house extension is one of the fastest, most practical ways to gain needed space to expand and enjoy your living space.

What are the best house extension design ideas?

Some other house extension design ideas off the side of your home may be to enclose a connected covered walkway to add a breeze way or additional walk-through living space, or to add a small glassed in kick out that could be used for a garden or a sitting area where you can enjoy tons of natural light without worrying about weather or bugs.