What is Ada by Vladimir Nabokov about?

What is Ada by Vladimir Nabokov about?

Ada tells the life story of a man named Van Veen, and his lifelong love affair with his sister Ada. They meet when she is eleven (soon to be twelve) and he is fourteen, believing that they are cousins (more precisely: that their fathers are cousins and that their mothers are sisters), and begin a sexual affair.

What is Nabokov’s writing style?

By Vladimir Nabokov The novel’s humorous and ornate style is the result of double entendres, multilingual puns, anagrams, and coinages. The style is also highly visual; Humbert often compels the reader to see what he describes.

What should I read by Nabokov?

7 Books by Nabokov Everyone Should Read (Besides Lolita)

  • Mary. Nabokov’s first novel, Mary, published under the pen name V.
  • Pale Fire.
  • The Defense.
  • The Gift.
  • Transparent Things.
  • Pnin.
  • Invitation to the Beheading.

How long is Ada or Ardor?

589 pages
Of the major edifices he erected in English, his last, Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (1969), is his most excessive, both in its difficulty and in the pleasures it affords the (re)reader. That excess begins with sheer length. At 589 pages (plus endnotes!), Ada is twice the size of your average Nabokov paperback.

Who wrote the book ADA?

Vladimir NabokovAda, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle / Author

How did Nabokov learn to write?

I do admire Nabokov’s writing, however, so I decided to practice. In an effort to think like him, I instructed the words between my ears to slide out for a while and photographs and short films to slide in. Then, I started to write.

Where does Ada or Ardor take place?

In Ada, Nabokov’s imaginative capacities are on full display. The characters in this novel live in a world called Antiterra. Yet some have visions of a place called Terra, which closely resembles our earth and our history.