What is an accordion file folder?

What is an accordion file folder?

: a folder that is used for the organization and storage of documents and files and that has pleated sides which allow expansion of the folder …

What should be in an accordion folder?

10 Uses for Accordion Folders

  1. Stay on top of greeting cards this year by stocking up and sorting by months.
  2. Sort your user manuals/warranties for electronics and appliances.
  3. Keep your travel documents in check.
  4. Sort coupons by item category (canned food, frozen food, toiletries, etc.).
  5. Sort scrapbooking supplies.

How do I make my own accordion folder?

All you really need to do is:

  1. Choose a set of flap-opening envelopes in the same size and style.
  2. Glue the flap of the first envelope to the front of the second envelope. Repeat.
  3. After your project dries, fold it up into an accordion file.

What does expanding a folder do?

Expand may refer to any of the following: 1. The process or opening a folder and displaying all its contents. For example, with Microsoft Windows, in Explorer, a user may click the plus ( + ) symbol next to a folder or double-click it to expand and view its contents.

How do you make a file folder?

Creating New Files and Folders

  1. Open your computer’s file manager (Finder on a Mac or Explorer on a Windows PC).
  2. Select Box.
  3. Navigate to the location in Box where you want to create the new folder.
  4. Right click in the folder where you would like to create the new folder.
  5. Select New Folder.

Can you collapse a folder?

Click the + (plus symbol) in the folder tree to expand a folder. You can also double-click a parent folder in the left or right pane to expand it. Click the – (minus symbol) in the folder tree to collapse a folder.

How do I expand all folders at once?

Expand All or Collapse All

  1. To open all folders at the same level as the current folder, press ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW.
  2. To close all folders at the same level as the current folder, press ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW.

How can I organize my personal files at home?


  1. Gather All of Your Papers in One Spot.
  2. Separate Your Papers Into 5 Categories.
  3. Discard Documents You Don’t Need.
  4. Organize the Archive File.
  5. Arrange the Household File.
  6. Set Up the Action File.