What is an AFFF system?

What is an AFFF system?

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) is a fire suppressant used to extinguish flammable liquid fires such as fuel fires. AFFF is often used in shipboard and shore facility fire suppression systems, fire fighting vehicles, and at fire training facilities.

What does AFFF stand for fire extinguisher?

Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AFFF, or ‘Aqueous Film Forming Foam’ extinguishers are ideal for offices and homes.

What is an AFFF tank?

• Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) solution is used extensively in fire suppression systems for aviation facilities and fire training facilities. AFFF systems are proven and essential to protect these valuable, mission essential aircraft and hangar facilities.

What is full form of AFFF?

Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) is a highly efficient type of fire suppressant agent, used by itself to attack flammable liquid pool fires, and in conjunction with Halon 1301 to attack fires in Navy vessel machinery spaces.

When was AFFF invented?

AFFF provided nearly instant fire knockdown which greatly helped in crash rescue firefighting. The Navy received a patent on its invention in 1966 and by the mid 1960’s the 3M Company was manufacturing AFFF for the military.

How long does an AFFF extinguisher last?

Utilising BSX AFFF Foam extinguishant, a 5 metre hose, and approximately 60 seconds of discharge, this wheeled extinguisher lets you safely handle industrial-scale fires.

When was AFFF first used?

The Navy received a patent on its invention in 1966 and by the mid 1960’s the 3M Company was manufacturing AFFF for the military. By the late 1960’s, the U.S. Navy required all of its vessels to carry AFFF. In the 1970’s the Department of Defense began using AFFF to fight fuel fires at all military installations.

How do Halon extinguishers work?

How Does It Work? The Halon fire extinguisher uses a compressed gas that is liquefied to function. To stop the fire from spreading, this liquid form of compressed gas will disrupt the combustion chemical process.

Which PFAS are in AFFF?

Legacy fluorotelomer-based AFFF foams have historically contained predominantly short-chain (C6) PFAS with formulations ranging from about 50–98% short- chains and the balance as long-chain PFAS.

Can AFFF be used on electrical fires?

We also offer some water-based fire extinguishers that have undergone dielectric testing to ensure that they are safe on or near live electricity. Traditionally, water based extinguishers, even with AFFF foams, have been unsuitable for use on electrical equipment fires.