What is BR80?

What is BR80?

This Multitrack Recorder Fits in Your Pocket The BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 is the ideal multitrack recorder for guitarists and recording musicians. With 8 tracks of playback and 64 virtual tracks for overdubs and alternate takes, the BR-80 takes you from inspiration to production without getting in your way.

What is the mass of bromine 80?


PubChem CID 167087
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula BrH
Synonyms Bromine-80 (~80~Br)Hydrogen bromide 14391-61-8 DTXSID00932155 Q2139073
Molecular Weight 80.9265

What are the benefits of multitrack recording?

“The benefit of a multitrack recorder is that multiple sources of sound can be plugged in and the sounds can be captured independently,” DeLay says. “Each microphone, instrument, etc. are plugged into one of the available inputs on the recorder.”

Can I use the Boss BR 800 as audio interface?

The following article will guide through setting up the BR-800 as the default audio interface for your computer’s operating system. This will allow programs that use your computer’s sound settings to output audio through the BR-800 (e.g. Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc).

What does the number 80 in the name bromine-80 represents?

Mass # the mass # 80, it means the sum of the number of neutrons and protons in an atomic nucleus.

What is the boss micro BR BR-80?

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 is the ultimate new portable recording and jam-along tool for guitarists and other musicians.

What is the BR-80 used for?

Best of all, the BR-80 functions as an audio interface for your USB-equipped Mac or PC for seamless transitions between recording on-the-go and polishing your tracks in your home studio! Live record mode uses built-in stereo condenser mic to capture in-the-moment stereo recordings

Is the BR-80 the Best Multitrack recording device?

With the combination of multitrack recording capabilities with practice tools and a no-fuss interface, the BR-80 should be considered indispensable to the recording musician on the go.

Why does the micro BR-80 use digital audio compression?

The Micro BR-80 uses digital audio compression (similar to mp3) when recording audio tracks to the built in SD card. This enables the Micro BR-80 to pack an enormous amount of audio data onto a relatively small SD card. The draw back often associated with compressed audio is sound quality.