What is Cairn tax dispute?

What is Cairn tax dispute?

The dispute stemmed from a 2012 amendment to the Income Tax Act that made transactions by non-residents involving the transfer of shares of an overseas company, deriving substantial value from assets in India, taxable on a retrospective basis as far back as 1961.

How much is Cairn worth?

Overall, 20 assets have been seized by Cairn, as it seeks to force the Indian government to pay up the $1.7 billion award, based on a 2020 decision by the Dutch arbitration tribunal. Cairn says it has identified assets worth $70 billion across the world as it seeks to protect the interests of its investors.

Why Cairn seize Indian assets?

This includes jurisdictions in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Mauritius, France and the Netherlands. In the US, Cairn Energy has chosen New York to sue India because it has located substantial assets it can recover the compensation from in that jurisdiction.

What happened between Cairn and India?

Cairn Energy Plc on Tuesday said it was ready to withdraw all cases it had slapped against the Indian government for enforcing a $1.2-billion arbitration award the company had won in December 2020. This is part of the settlement under recent legislation by Parliament.

What is Cairn Energy case UPSC?

In December 2020, the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruled against India in retrospective tax dispute between the Indian Government and Cairn Energy PLC. This is an important development and one with ramifications on India’s relations with global corporations and also its tax regime.

What is Cairn arbitration award?

Cairn invoked arbitration under the India-UK bilateral investment treaty. In December last year, Cairn won an award that held the levy of taxes using the 2012 law unfair on the company and the tribunal asked the Indian government to return $ 1.2 billion plus cost and interest.

What does Cairn India do?

Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited, is the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in India. Cairn contributed ~24% to India’s domestic crude oil production in financial year 2019-20 and has a vision to produce 50% of India’s oil and gas.

What is the Vodafone case?

In Vodafone’s case, the government will refund ₹44.7 crore since the company had not paid any tax on the demand raised by tax authorities, which comes to ₹22,100 crore in taxes, interest and penalties. Vodafone has filed the application under a separate set of provisions.

What is Cairn Energy dispute with India upsc?

In a recent setback to India, Britain’s Cairn Energy Plc has secured a French court order to seize around 20 government properties in Paris to recover a part of the USD 1.72 billion due from India following an arbitration panel overturning levy of retrospective taxes.

What is retrospective taxation?

Hence, retrospective tax means creating an additional charge or levy of tax by way of an amendment from specified date in the past.

Is cairn owned by Vedanta?

Cairn Energy PLC, the Scottish oil and gas exploration company that is also commonly referred to as Cairn Energy, will discontinue the use of the brand name ‘Cairn’ as part of its corporate identity by December 2021. The brand ‘Cairn’ is exclusively owned by Vedanta.

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