What is cervical HVLA?

What is cervical HVLA?

HVLA therapy used in the cervical region may be effective in resolving the neck, shoulder, and head pain.[9] The use of HVLA therapy of the cervical spine is indicated to treat motion loss with associated somatic dysfunction.

What are contraindications for HVLA?

Relative contraindications (to HVLA in general) include acute whiplash, pregnancy, post-surgical, herniated disc, anticoagulation use/hemophilia, tense or malingering patient, female patients who smoke or use oral contraceptive pills (increased risk of thrombus), atherosclerosis, or vertebral artery ischemia.

What is HVLA technique?

High-velocity low amplitude (HVLA) techniques employ a rapid use of force over a short duration, distance, and/or rotational area within the anatomical range of motion of a joint to engage the restrictive barrier in one or more planes of motion to elicit the release of restriction.

How do you do cervical HVLA?


  1. Stand at the head of the table with patient lying supine.
  2. Place right 2nd finger at posterolateral aspect of the atlas with thumb contacting the face.
  3. Place left palm at left zygomatic process.
  4. Keeping the spine neutral, rotate head and neck to the left to engage restrictive barrier.

Is HVLA direct or indirect?

Is HVLA direct or indirect? Direct! Corrective Force is directed toward the restrictive (pathological) barrier.

What happens when you manipulate a joint?

By manipulating the joint, the pressure and movement will stretch and realign muscle, ligament, scar tissue, and the joint capsule itself. Joint manipulation is also an effective treatment to reduce pain as well.

Is HVLA passive and direct?

The HVLA technique is a direct, active technique in which the physician engages the pathological barrier of a joint restricted in a normal plane of movement.

What is the HVLA technique?

The high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) technique is among the oldest and most frequently used chiropractic techniques. Most chiropractic clinical research has focused on the evaluating efficacy of this form of spinal manipulation, particularly for low back, mid-back, and neck pain.

What is the HVLA spinal manipulation method?

HVLA spinal manipulation has been linked to the quick and efficient curing of problems such as lower back pain, neck pain, migraines, and headaches that are related to the neurological and musculoskeletal interaction in the neck.

What is high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) cervical manipulation?

In manual therapy, high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) cervical manipulation techniques are frequently used, but often the physiological and biomechanical effects that can be obtained are not completely clear. The techniques are mostly used for the treatment of biomechanical joint dysfunction, but li …

What does HVLA stand for in nursing?

Spinal Manipulation (HVLA) Techniques. Specially designed chairs and tables may be used to position the patient, such as the cervical chair or the chest-knee table. This approach is sometimes also referred to as the “Palmer-Gonstead” technique.