What is CIMB TAC number?

What is CIMB TAC number?

Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) Each time you perform an online banking transaction on CIMB Clicks, a unique 6-digit TAC will be sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS, to verify that you are the rightful person performing the transaction.

How can I know my CIMB number?

Your 10-digit CIMB Bank account number can be found on your monthly statement. If you have Clicks Internet Banking, you may also obtain your 10-digit account number after your log in.

Why can’t I get a TAC number?

If you did not receive TAC code, kindly check your mobile connectivity as you may have mobile coverage issues in your area. Otherwise, please request another TAC or contact Maybank’s customer support team at 1-300-88-6688. Is the same TAC code required each time? TAC is required when you purchase more than RM250.

How can I change my CIMB TAC number?

Visit the nearest CIMB ATM > enter your ATM PIN > select “OTHERS” from the main menu > select “CIMB Clicks” > enter your new mobile number and select “PROCEED” to have your new number updated for TAC.

How do I contact CIMB?

You may contact us via these channels. Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 7.00pm. Fill up our feedback form. Send a secured message through CIMB Clicks. For individual, Email us at [email protected] For Companies, Email us at [email protected]

How do I give feedback to CIMB Bank pH?

Send us feedback or raise account concerns, transaction-related concerns, application status through the Give Us Feedback form found on the Help Center menu in CIMB Bank PH App. We’ll get to work in helping you right away.

How do I send a secured message to CIMB?

Send a secured message through CIMB Clicks. For individual, Email us at [email protected] For Companies, Email us at [email protected]

Is this field mandatory in CIMB privacy notice?

* This field is mandatory. I/We hereby acknowledge that I/we have accessed and/or read the Privacy Notice issued by CIMB Group (which is available at all CIMB branches as well as at the CIMB website at www.cimb.com.my or has otherwise been made available to me/us) and confirm my/our agreement to the same. *