What is data model in report?

What is data model in report?

The Reporting Data Model is a dimensional model that allows customized reporting. Dimensional modeling is a data warehousing technique that exposes a model of information around business processes while providing flexibility to generate reports.

What is Report Builder in Oracle?

Oracle Reports Builder is the report-building component of Oracle Reports, a powerful enterprise reporting tool that enables you to rapidly develop and deploy sophisticated Web and paper reports against any data source (including an Oracle database, JDBC, XML, and text files).

Which of the following is used to establish parent child relationships between queries and Groups via column matching in report Builder?

A data link (or parent-child relationship) relates the results of multiple queries. A data link can establish these relationships: between one query’s column and another query’s column.

What is the AWR report in Oracle?

Automatic Workload Repository report or AWR report collects, processes, and maintains performance statistics for problem detection and self-tuning purposes. This gathered data is stored both in memory and in the database and is displayed in both reports and views.

Can we use multiple SQL queries in data model?

A data link is a data model object that enables you to relate multiple queries. For a simple group report, you relate the two queries using the primary and foreign keys of the tables from which you are selecting data.

How do you sort data in report builder?

To sort data in a Tablix data region

  1. On the design surface, right-click a row handle, and then click Tablix Properties.
  2. Click Sorting.
  3. For each sort expression, follow these steps: Click Add. Type or select an expression by which to sort the data.
  4. Click OK.

What is the Oracle communications data model churn prediction model performance?

This report as shown in Figure 12-19 shows the Oracle Communications Data Model Churn prediction Model performance; this helps you determine a threshold for the percent of customers to run in the retention program. This retention can be done using phone calls or email.

How do I create a report using the SQL query tool?

In the Welcome or New Report dialog box, select Build a new report manually, then click OK. In the Data Model view that displays, click the SQL Query tool in the tool palette then click in an open area of the Data Model view to display the SQL Query Statement dialog box.

How does your data model work?

Your data model will consist of two linked queries. The first query will retrieve all the customers that have orders in the database. The second query will retrieve all of the order information for each of the customers, and will contain a break group based on the date of each order.

How to forecast the future number of customers in Oracle OLAP?

The future number of customers forecast for the next six months, or twelve months, can be forecast by Oracle OLAP forecast settings. This area includes the reports: Customer Segments, Customer Segmentation Details, Churn by Customer Segments, and Churn Predict by Customer Segment.