What is dc3tog?

What is dc3tog?

The double crochet three together (dc3tog) technique among others is used to create decreases in crochet to eliminate one or more stitches. An external decrease is worked at the beginning or end of a row, at the side edge. Internal decreases, like dc3tog, are worked within the row.

How do you crochet a ripple pattern?

RIPPLE STITCH PATTERN Row 1: Tr into fourth ch from hook, *work 1 tr into each of next 3 ch, [tr2tog over next two chs] twice, work 1 tr into each of next 3 ch, [work 2 tr into next ch] twice; repeat from * across. Your last stitch will be an increase.

How to knit a scarf in zigzag pattern?

Cast on a multiple of 6 stitches. Roughly decide how many stitches you’d like to work and choose a multiple of 6.

  • Make a modified rib stitch for row 1. Starting on the right side,knit 3 (k3) stitches.
  • Purl 2 and work a rib stitch across row 2.
  • Knit row 3 with a rib pattern and adjust the rib pattern to make row 4.
  • How to crochet a scarf for the complete beginner?

    Foundation Row: With super bulky yarn,ch 11.

  • Row 1: To begin the next row ch 1,in the second ch from the hook sc,sc once in every ch across (10)
  • Row 2: To start row 2 ch 1,turn your work,sc in the first st (not the ch 1),sc once in every st across.
  • To finish row 3-101: Repeat row 2.
  • How to crochet a zigzag pattern?

    Zigzag spike stitch is a beautifully textured crochet stitch pattern quite easy to master even for beginners. This stitch would make some eye-catching crochet items you are going to love for sure. I have already shared with you a similar stitch pattern about a week ago but the yarn colors and stitching techniques were a bit different.

    What is the zig zag stitch used for?

    The most common stitch is the zig zag. It can be used for a variety of sewing tasks, one of them being overcasting the raw edge of fabric. You can also use two rows of zigzag for extra “fray-stopping” power. Or, you can zig zag the two layers of the seam allowance together, then press to one side.