What is DESC keyword in SQL?

What is DESC keyword in SQL?

The DESC command is used to sort the data returned in descending order.

What does top 100 percent do in SQL Server?

TOP (100) PERCENT is completely meaningless in recent versions of SQL Server, and it (along with the corresponding ORDER BY, in the case of a view definition or derived table) is ignored by the query processor.

How do you write a description in SQL?

Prerequisite : Sql Create Clause, As the name suggests, DESCRIBE is used to describe something. Since in database we have tables, that’s why we use DESCRIBE or DESC(both are same) command to describe the structure of a table.

What is ASC in SQL?

ASC. The ASC command is used to sort the data returned in ascending order.

How do I get the first 5 rows in SQL?


  1. SQL Server / MS Access Syntax: SELECT TOP number|percent column_name(s) FROM table_name.
  2. MySQL Syntax: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name.
  3. Oracle 12 Syntax: SELECT column_name(s)
  4. Older Oracle Syntax: SELECT column_name(s)
  5. Older Oracle Syntax (with ORDER BY): SELECT *

What is describe in MySQL?

The MySQL’s DESCRIBE or DESC both are equivalent. The DESC is the short form of DESCRIBE command and used to dipslay the information about a table like column names and constraints on column name. The DESCRIBE command is equivalent to the following command − SHOW columns from yourTableName command.

What is DBMS command?

SQL commands are instructions. It is used to communicate with the database. It is also used to perform specific tasks, functions, and queries of data. SQL can perform various tasks like create a table, add data to tables, drop the table, modify the table, set permission for users.

What is Top 100 percent in SQL Server?

One of these is the presence of TOP 100 PERCENT or perhaps written as TOP (100) PERCENT in SELECT queries. Almost always, we see this in the definition of views. In SQL Server, a view is basically just a SELECT statement that’s been given a name.

What is the use of top in SQL?

TOP (Transact-SQL) Limits the rows returned in a query result set to a specified number of rows or percentage of rows in SQL Server. When you use TOP with the ORDER BY clause, the result set is limited to the first N number of ordered rows. Otherwise, TOP returns the first N number of rows in an undefined order.

What are the different keywords used in SQL?

A few other keywords are DEFAULT used to provide a default value for a column, UNIQUE used to ensure all the values in a column are unique, etc. The various keywords in SQL provide flexibility in designing a database, tables, etc.

What is an example of a top clause in SQL?

For example, if an INSERT TRIGGER fires as the result of an INSERT statement that used a TOP clause. SQL Server allows for updating rows through views. Because you can include the TOP clause in the view definition, certain rows may disappear from the view if the rows no longer meet the requirements of the TOP expression due to an update.