What is Florida birth Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association?

What is Florida birth Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association?

NICA is a statutory organization that manages the Florida Birth Related Neurological Injury Compensation Plan (“Plan”) used to pay for the care of infants born with certain neurological injuries. This Plan is available to eligible families statewide without litigation.

Who pays Nica in Florida?

NICA is an innovative and effective alternative to costly malpractice litigation. The NICA Plan, supported in part by participating OBGYN’s, is augmented by annual assessments paid by all Florida physicians and hospitals. A mandatory annual fee of $250 is paid by every physician in Florida.

Who needs to pay Nica?

You are required to pay the NICA fee unless you meet the following exemption criteria per s. 766.314, F.S.: Resident physicians, assistant resident physicians and interns in postgraduate training programs approved by the Board of Medicine.

Why do physicians pay Nica?

The cost of lifetime care for birth-injured children is paid by NICA without assessment of fault. By providing an alternative to malpractice lawsuits, NICA participation offers the freedom to focus on patient care.

How does Nica work?

NICA gets birth-injured children and adults the care they need while reducing the financial burden on medical providers and families. NICA is a statutory organization that manages state funds used to pay for the care of children and adults born with certain neurological injuries.

What is Nica exempt?

Exemptions Include: Retired physicians who maintain an active license, but who have withdrawn from employment in any medically related field, as evidenced by an affidavit filed with NICA (a copy of this affidavit must be provided to the Department of Health). 3. Physicians who hold a limited license, as defined by ch.

How does NICA work?

What is NICA exempt?

How much is a Florida medical license?

Florida Medical License Fees and Process: The application fee is $350 and its non-refundable. Other fees such as the initial licensing fee of $355 and NICA fee which can range from $250 to $5,000 may also apply.

Why was Nica created?

In response, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association (NICA) in 1988 to promote and protect the health and best interests of children with birth‐related neurological injuries who have been accepted into the plan by striving to ensure that their medically …

What does Nica stand for in Florida?

Neurological Injury Compensation Association
NICA is an acronym that stands for Florida’s birth-related “Neurological Injury Compensation Association.” Section 766.303 of the Florida Statutes establishes NICA as a statutory organization that manages a state fund created to pay the expenses of babies who were born with certain types of neurological injuries.

Is it hard to get a medical license in Florida?

Obtaining—or keeping—your Flordia medical license is not an easy process, as many of you already know. But for physicians entering the medical profession, doctors licensed in other states, or doctors who attended foreign schools, understanding that this process, difficult as it is, was designed to protect the patients.