What is gasket paper made of?

What is gasket paper made of?

A gasket sheet – often referred to as ‘gasket paper’, despite usually being made from silicone rubber, cork, nitrile or any other robust flexible material – is a large piece of sheeting intended to be used in making quick, cost-effective gaskets (seals), for joining surfaces or components together.

What is KLINGER material?

KLINGERsil is a range of asbestos-free calendared sealing materials able to cover a wide range of applications based around a number of different fibres and rubber binders. All KLINGERsil materials are manufactured with KLINGER’s unparalleled levels of quality control to meet KLINGER’s high specifications.

What is KLINGER sheet?

KLINGER’s sealing sheet material for soft gaskets is based on four product groups: KLINGERSIL®, KLINGER®top-chem, graphite-based gasket materials and KLINGER® Milam. Together, these gasket sheet product groups provide the broadest range of soft sealing materials found within the industry.

What can I use for paper gasket?

Types of Gasket Sealers

  • Shellac Gasket Sealer. Also known as Indian head shellac, this sealant is best used for thin paper gaskets or cardboards.
  • High Tack Gasket Sealer.
  • Gasket Makers.
  • Copper Gasket Sealer.
  • Anaerobic Sealer.
  • RTV Silicone Gasket Sealer.

What is a Klinger gasket?

KLINGERSIL C-4401 is a universal gasket material for use in a wide range of applications. The general purpose gasket material has excellent sealability and chemical resistance. This material is manufactured with aramid fiber reinforced with a nitrile binder.

What kind of gaskets does Klinger make?

KLINGER is the pioneer of gasket technology since 1886. Our range of metallic, semi-metallic and soft-cut gaskets meet industry and quality requirements of our global customers. View our portfolio of gaskets and soft sealing material and sheeting.

Why choose Klinger® top-Chem PTFE gaskets?

Our KLINGER ® top-chem PTFE-based soft sealing gasket materials guarantee ultimate chemical resistance and are designed to cater for the majority of gasket applications. Products from the KLINGER ® top-chem PTFE gasket material range are tailored to provide the characteristics required by their target industries.

Why choose Klinger soft sealing material?

Our offer of soft sealing material based on PTFE guarantees maximum chemical resistance and is designed to satisfy most gasket applications. The products of KLINGER’s superior chemical product range are tailored to provide the features required by the respective industries.

Why choose Klinger graphite laminate gaskets?

Fitted with an anti-stick finish specifically developed for this purpose, KLINGER graphite laminate gasket materials are easy to remove from the flange – even after exposure to increased temperature levels.