What is Kimray?

What is Kimray?

Kimray is a manufacturer of oil and gas control equipment based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Trusted for generations, Kimray has been creating simple, effective products for temperature, level, flow, and pressure control since 1948.

What is a kimray valve?

The Kimray High Pressure Control Valve is a versatile solution for all your oil and gas production needs. It can be used as a dump valve, pressure regulator, suction controller, recirculation valve, as well as in plunger lift applications.

Who owns kimray Inc?

Thomas Hill III is Chief Executive Officer of Kimray. As the grandson of Kimray’s founder, Garman Kimmell, Thomas grew up around Kimray. He has worked at the company in virtually every department, giving him an intimate knowledge of the processes and people involved from start to finish.

How does a kimray dump valve work?

This lever is mechanically linked to a lever on the Dump Valve by a linkage rod. As the liquid level in the production vessel begins to rise, the float moves upward. This forces the trunnion lever downward. This pushes the valve lever down and opens the valve.

Why is it called a control valve?

A control valve is a valve used to control fluid flow by varying the size of the flow passage as directed by a signal from a controller. This enables the direct control of flow rate and the consequential control of process quantities such as pressure, temperature, and liquid level.

What is a glycol pump used for?

What is a glycol pump? A glycol pump works within a gas dehydration system to recirculate liquid and help the system remove water vapor from natural gas.

Why buy from Kimray?

When you buy from Kimray, it’s more than just purchasing a product. You get our diverse, customer-oriented team at your disposal. At your local Kimray Sales and Service store in Oklahoma City, OK, you’ll receive expert repair work on all Kimray products.

What is the Kimray way?

After all, that is The Kimray Way. The Kimray Chronicle is your source for news within the Kimray community. Each monthly newsletter includes information on product improvements, tips on how to better optimize your site, videos and articles on how to complete your own repairs, as well as news about training and events.

Who is the founder of Kimray?

Garman Kimmell, the founder of Kimray, introduced a three-inch pilot-operated back pressure regulator, transforming the oil and gas industry. This innovation fundamentally changed how oil and gas producers controlled their production. And that was just the beginning. Garman instilled more than just technical prowess into the fabric of the company.

Why choose Kimray sales and service in Oklahoma City?

At your local Kimray Sales and Service store in Oklahoma City, OK, you’ll receive expert repair work on all Kimray products. With our team’s extensive oilfield experience and diverse product knowledge, you can rest assured that you’ll find answers for your toughest challenges. Some of the services we provide include: We look forward to serving you!