What is Muga silk of Assam?

What is Muga silk of Assam?

Muga silk is a variety of wild silk geographically tagged to the state of Assam in India. The silk is known for its extreme durability and has a natural yellowish-golden tint with a shimmering, glossy texture. It was previously reserved for the use of royalty.

Where is Muga silk from?

Muga silk is the product of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis endemic to Assam. The larvae of these moths feed on som (Machilus bombycina) and sualu (Litsaea polyantha) leaves. The silk produced is known for its glossy, fine texture and durability.

Who founded the Muga?

The Winery Bodegas Muga is a family business founded by Isaac Muga and Aurora Caño in 1932, which is located in the historic Barrio de La Estación (Station Quarter) of Haro. With an area of around 25,000 square metres, it is home to both the most traditional winemaking methods and the latest cutting-edge techniques.

How Muga silk is produced?

Weaving process Muga silk, which is mainly produced by the Garo community of Assam, is obtained from semi-domesticated multivoltine silkworm, Antheraea Assamensis. These silkworms feed on the leaves of Som and Soalu plants and the silk produced from them is known for its glossy texture and durability.

Is eri a silk?

Eri silk, also called Ahimsa silk or peace silk is a non-violent silk which does not require to kill the moth to extract the fiber. The moth leaves the cocoon after spinning and flies off. For this reason, eri silk is the preferred material of Buddhists and Vegans.

What is the scientific name of muga?

Antheraea assamensisAntheraea assamensis / Scientific name

What MUGA means?

Definition of muga 1 : a silk from the cocoon of an Indian moth (Antheraea assamensis) 2 : the caterpillar producing muga.

What is the Colour of Muga silk?

golden yellow
Muga silk is totally golden yellow in color among other silk fabrics and the uniqueness of this fabric is that its golden lustre increase with age.

What is Eri culture?

Eri-Culture is an age-old traditional practice of rearing of Eri silkworm. Eri is a kind of silk with thermal quality and hence, the poor and the underprivileged used it to replace the woolen clothes. The tribal folks of Assam mostly practised it.

What is muga culture of Assam?

Key words: Muga culture, Silk, Traditional knowledge, Assam IPC Int. Cl.8: A01B7/00, A01B7/02, A01B7/04, A01B7/06, D01C3/02, A01K67/04 The Muga silk culture of Assam is as old as Assamese Secondary sources were also used whenever culture. It is believed that the Tai-Ahoms introduced necessary.

Why Muga&Eri sericulture Institute?

The institute has been successfully undertaking entire gamut of R&D activities to cater the needs of the on-farm and post-cocoon sector of Muga, Eri and Oak tasar sericulture. Muga and Eri culture is a rural based industry of all the North Eastern states and parts of West Bengal, while as Oak tasar culture is practiced in Manipur.

Which state in India produces golden yellow muga silk?

In producing golden yellow muga silk, Assam, the easternmost state of the Indian Union, has the unique distinction, though wild counterpart of muga silkworm is found in the foothills of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. A good number of allied species of Antheraea are also found in NE India in their natural habitat.

What is central Muga Eri Researchraining Institute?

Central Muga Eri Research & Training Institute is a R&D Institute in the field of muga, eri and oak tasar culture. It is under the control of Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.