What is NuVox Communications of Ohio?

What is NuVox Communications of Ohio?

NuVox Communications is a privately held ICP offering a full array of communications services for business customers including data, Internet, voice, and other advanced communications solutions.

What does NuVox communications do?

NuVox Communications is a fully integrated communications company providing a powerful set of business solutions for its customers in the Midwest and Southeast. Our mission is to deliver superior broadband telecommunications services to meet your business’ individual voice, data, and security requirements.

Is Windstream public?

Windstream Holdings is a privately held communications and software company.

Is Windstream a telecommunication?

Windstream is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers, small businesses, enterprise organizations and carrier partners across the U.S. Windstream offers bundled services, including broadband, security solutions, voice and digital TV to consumers.

Who is Windstream owned by?

Elliott Management
Windstream emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2020, and is now owned by Elliott Management and other former creditors. Uniti is a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Who owns Windstream now?

Windstream Holdings II, LLCWindstream Holdings / Parent organization

Why is Windstream going out of business?

Windstream operated under the cloud of Chapter 11 bankruptcy since February of last year after it lost a legal battle with New York hedge fund Aurelius Capital Management over whether Windstream had defaulted on bonds by spinning off the Uniti Group four years ago.

Is Windstream a corporation?

Company Overview Windstream Corporation was formed from the spinoff of Alltel Corporation’s landline business and merger with VALOR Communications Group, Inc.

Is Windstream still a company?

Windstream Holdings finalized its debt restructuring out of bankruptcy in September 2020 and emerged as a privately-held company.