What is Omarion kids name?

What is Omarion kids name?

A’mei Kazuko Grandberry
Megaa Omari Grandberry

How many kids does Omarion mom have?

What is this? Omarion and Apryl Jones have two kids, A’mei and Megaa, together.

Does Omarion have daughter?

A’mei Kazuko GrandberryOmarion / Daughter

Who did Apryl Jones have a baby with?

Throughout her time on the show, two of her relationships were chronicled. One of those relationships was with her former flame and the father of her two children, Omarion – the lead singer of music group B2K.

What does the name A Mei mean?

Meaning:gorgeous, plum. Mei is a girl’s name of Chinese origin.

Is Apryl and fizz still together 2021?

Fizz and Apryl reportedly went their separate ways in the beginning of 2020. Jones mentioned in an interview with Claudia Jordan that both she and Fizz were focusing on their kids from previous relationships.

Did Omarion and Apryl get married?

Shortly after the video was posted, Apryl took to her Snapchat to address some of the recent comments she’d been receiving from fans on social media and ultimately confirmed that she and Omarion have broken up. “Ok.

Does Apryl Jones have kids with Omarion?

Omarion and Apryl Jones are Still Battling Over Custody of Their Two Children. Apryl Jones says the co-parenting relationship between her and her baby daddy Omarion hasn’t gotten much better since their split six years ago. Jones and the B2K member share two children and have had issues with custody and child support.

Do Apryl and fizz have babies?

Apryl shares two kids with Omarion: 6-year-old son Megaa Omari Grandberry, and their 5-year-old daughter A’mei Kazuko Grandberry. The mommy of two also spoke on the struggles she’s endured co-parenting with the former B2K band member, stating that “It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road.”

Is EI a name?

The name Ei is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Flourishing, Prosperous.