What is S-Line exterior package?

What is S-Line exterior package?

Essentially, the Audi S-Line is a trim package of the highest specifications which provides a sportier and more luxurious appearance with distinctive features, in comparison to the standard model.

What is Audi S-Line exterior?

Exterior features The exterior of the Audi will usually have badges stuck on the front wings. They also feature more defined and prominent body styling including larger air vents and deeper skirts. Not only does this turn more heads, it also gives the illusion of the car being lower to the ground.

What does S-Line mean in Audi A1?

But there’s a bit more to it than that. It seems like every car manufacturer has a trim level in their range that makes the car look sportier and more purposeful, even if it doesn’t actually have any more performance. Audi’s is called S line, after its full fat, ‘S’ performance cars – S3, S4 and so on.

What does S stand for in Audi?

Audi S Vehicles S stands for “sport”, it can be tricky when you see a regular model with the S line package that features leather/Alcantara, S line badging, etc. S models are the competitors to BMW 35i/40i versions and Mercedes 400, 500, etc.

Are Audi S-Line lowered?

The majority of S Line trims are also equipped with a Sports suspension as standard. You’ll feel a stiffer and more dynamic ride from 20mm lower down. However, if you’d prefer the more relaxing ‘Comfort’ or ‘Dynamic’ suspension you get on most lower trims, you should have the option to switch for no extra cost.

What’s the difference between S-Line and sport?

Sport adds dual-zone climate control, sports seats and sports suspension, while S-line brings a host of styling enhancements, such as larger alloy wheels and a bespoke front bumper, rear diffuser and side sills.

What does the Audi A1 s line look like?

At the front, the A1 S line has a different bumper with grey ‘blades’ in the outer grilles that extend down to the lower edge, contrasting with the body colour. Down each side, a ‘skirt’ juts out from the sill. Around the back, the bumper is different again, aping the look of that at the front. At the top of the rear windows sits a larger spoiler.

How much does an Audi S Line trim cost?

But you can get an idea by looking at the extremes of the range. At the time of writing, S line trim will cost you an extra £3,100 on Audi’s smallest model, the A1, and is a £4,810 upgrade on the range-topping A8 – so the rest of the range will fall roughly within this price bracket.

What kind of front bumper does an Audi A1 8x have?

Front bumper lip / bumper spoiler for Audi A1 8X and 8XA facelift 3 and 5-door models, made between 2015-2018, only with S-Line front bumper. Fits all Audi A1 8X 3-door models, made between 2010-2014, except with S-Line aerodynamic package. Includes: front bumper extension, rear bumper extension, side air vents, rear wing, RS1 badge.

What size tail pipe does an Audi A1 8x have?

Optional: front diffuser. Fits all Audi A1 8X models. Fits all Audi A1 8X pre-facelift models, made between 2010-2014, except S-Line package. Available with cutting for left simple, left double 2×76 mm and left + right 140×90 mm tail pipes.