What is Scotia moulding?

What is Scotia moulding?

Scotia is a decorative moulding used to cover the gap without removing the skirting. Scotia is fixed to the skirting board and over the top of the flooring around the perimeter of the wall. Scotia is of a concave design.

What is Quad moulding?

Quad is a rounded profile which fits neatly into an interior corner. It is commonly used to provide a neat finish the join where floating floors meet the wall or where two wall sheets meet, hiding any irregular gaps or unsightly joins.

How do you do Scotia?

To fit scotia using nails, secure into position by nailing the scotia to the skirting by spacing one nail every 30cm, ensure you don’t nail the scotia to the floor. To fit scotia using adhesive, apply grab adhesive to the back of the scotia and carefully apply to the wall, ensuring not to get any on your flooring.

What is timber beading?

What are timber beading on timber windows? They are the thin pieces of timber which are fitted onto the glass to finish off the edges/front of the window. Many timber windows have beading which is created to match the window when they are first made. Over time timber beads can deteriorate.

How do you attach a Scotia?

What are MDF mouldings?

Medium Density Fiberboard Moulding (MDF) is a composite material commonly made of wood fibers and resin formed by high pressure and heat process. MDF Moulding elements can be made into an assortment of profiles for finishing and trimming residential and commercial interiors and cabinets.

What is timber Moulding suitable for?

Initially, wood mouldings were being used to mask any transitions between surfaces, since they had been used in skirting between the floor and the wall. Currently, people have started using timber mouldings as their décor in their homes. Wood frames can be found from different types with different purposes.

How do you do Scotia nails?

How do you attach Scotia beading to skirting boards?

Should Scotia match floor or skirting?

The Scotia depends on stable skirting as its base. Some homeowners install skirting with Scotia moulding (coving) between the skirting and flooring Since skirting typically comes in white, the Scotia is often white as well and so will look like part of the skirting.

How long is a stained timber scotia range?

Using Australian Hardwoods in a range of stained and clear coated colours, the Stained Timber Scotia Range is sold by the lineal metre in varying lengths (usually about 3 metre). These trims measure 15mm x 15mm, however in the warmer states like Queensland, a 19mm x 19mm range is sold for the larger expansion gaps.

What type of wood do you stock Scotia in?

We stock Scotia in FJ Pine, Treated Pine H3, Tasmanian Oak and Western Red Cedar for your convenience. Please follow the links below for the specifications on the Scotia profile:

Why choose pine scotia moulding for skirting?

Available in a wide variety of sizes, our pine scotia moulding is hardwearing and provides a good level of protection for your skirting. It’s also planed smooth ready for painting or staining. In addition, all our pine scotia moulding is sourced sustainably from Scandinavian forests.

Why choose SELCO for your scotia moulding?

At Selco, our range includes pine scotia moulding, oak scotia and oak foiled scotia, ensuring there is something to suit every project. Our scotia mouldings are made with high quality wood, giving you a durable product that stands the test of time.