What is Section 23 Mental Health Act?

What is Section 23 Mental Health Act?

Hospital managers under section 23 of the Mental Health Act 1983 amended 2007 (the Act) have powers to discharge detained patients and Supervised Community Discharge treatments.

What is Box B of Form 1?

Completing Box B: Has a recurrent or ongoing mental health condition that has been previously certifiable when not treated, but has shown clinical improvement when treated; • Is incapable of consent to treatment, and has a substitute decision-maker who is providing consent;

What is Section 18 of the Mental Health Act?

If the conditions are not complied with, a person can be recalled and failure to return makes them ‘AWOL’ under the Act. Section 18 – the power to (re-)detain AWOL patients and return them to hospital. There is NO power of entry in order to do so.

What is Section 19 Mental Health Act?

1. Section 19 of the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) and regulations made under it, enable a patient who is detained in hospital to be transferred to another hospital and to be detained in that hospital on the same basis.

What is Section 13 Mental Health Act?

Section 13 – Duty of approved mental health professionals to make applications for admission or guardianship – Adults.

What is Section 25 Mental Health Act?

25Admission for observation (1)A patient may be admitted to a hospital, and there detained for the period allowed by this section, in pursuance of an application (in this Act referred to as an application for admission for observation) made in accordance with the following provisions of this section.

Do I need a form 1 or form 4?

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