What is software agent in E-Commerce?

What is software agent in E-Commerce?

The term “software agents” here distinguishes it from hardware agents (robot) or human agents. A software agent stays in the computer, can move in the networks, can observe its environment and can take several actions to reach its goals.

What is the role of software agents?

Software agents are effective tool to virtual organizations since they provide mechanisms to automate several activities like, gathering data, refining information, negotiate business deals and also intelligent agents work like human beings in supplying and buying goods having the artificial machine knowledge.

What is a software agent system?

A Software Agent System (or Multi-Agent System (MAS)) is a computational environment (such as the Web or a grid computing environment overlay network) in which individual software agents interact with each other, sometime in a cooperative manner, sometimes in a competitive manner, and sometimes autonomously pursuing …

How many types of software agents are there?

In this paper we have given a brief overview of software agents and their applications. We explained the characteristics of an agent and based on that we classified agents into six types: interface, collaborative, information, reactive, hybrid, and mobile.

What are the types of agents available in e-commerce?

This definition allows us to branch into all sorts of agent types: intelligent, mobile, multiagent systems, and profiling.

What is agent application?

The Application agent brings applications online, takes them offline, and monitors their status. Use it to specify different executables for the online, offline, and monitor routines for different programs.

What are the types of agents available in E-Commerce?

How software agent is different from program?

Our definition of an autonomous agents has succeeded in distinguishing between agents and programs. An agent need not be a program at all; it may be a robot or a school teacher. Software agents are, by definition, programs, but a program must measure up to several marks to be an agent.

How are intelligent agents used in e-commerce?

Intelligent agents in e-commerce web sites can carry out many decision making and problem-solving tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as diagnosis, data sorting, planning, or negotiation. An agent that functions over a long period of time should be able to implement from its experience.

What is intelligent agent with example?

AI assistants, like Alexa and Siri, are examples of intelligent agents as they use sensors to perceive a request made by the user and the automatically collect data from the internet without the user’s help. They can be used to gather information about its perceived environment such as weather and time.

What are intelligent software agents in e-commerce?

Intelligent software agents in e-commerce can be divided into the following: simple purchase or sale agents; complex buying and selling agents; and agent-based marketplaces. This classification includes an increase in the functionality of the agents.

What is a software agent?

Software agents are the useful tools to help individuals to undertake their activities on E-Commerce surroundings. Software agents create different paths for communication. Software agents increase the effectiveness and efficiency in several levels of market processes.

What is agent-based e-business in e-commerce?

computer.Agent-based e-business in E-Commerce can be defined as a business enabled and operated by software agent technology. The primary roles in the agent-involved E-Commerce environment are played by users, agent-based e-business, existing e-business and other agents. The framework for agent-based E-Commerce analysis in

What makes a software agent human-like?

Software agents interacting with people (e.g. chatbots, human-robot interaction environments) may possess human-like qualities such as natural language understanding and speech, personality or embody humanoid form (see Asimo ).