What is the 10th planet from the Sun?

What is the 10th planet from the Sun?

Because Eris appeared to be larger than Pluto, NASA initially described it as the Solar System’s tenth planet….Eris (dwarf planet)

Eris (center) and Dysnomia (left of center); image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope
Discovered by M. E. Brown C. A. Trujillo D. L. Rabinowitz
Discovery date January 5, 2005

What is Persephone planet?

Persephone, also known in previous centuries as Planet 9, is an icy body ten times the mass of Earth and the furthest planet from the Sun in the Sol system. Because of its distance from the Sun, Persephone was not detected for many centuries.

Is Nibiru a planet?

Here are 10 secret facts to know about it. 1. PLANET X FACTS: NASA AND POPE CALL NIBIRU A REBEL PLANET Although Planet X (Nibiru) is generating a lot of news these days, it’s been known for some time. Researchers believe that Planet X was first discovered sometime around 1983 by NASA.

Is Nibiru coming to destroy Earth?

Nibiru has been linked to NASA by various bloggers, and is also sometimes referred to or confused with Planet X, another supposed world for which there is no evidence. Because of the Nibiru NASA connection that’s been claimed, the space agency put out a statement to say there is no Nibiru or Planet X coming to destroy Earth in 2012.

Is Nibiru a true story or a hoax?

Such doomsday predictions are a modern hoax. Planet Nibiru: Nibiru is probably the minor name of a god found in ancient Mesopotamian writing. There is no planet named Nibiru, and the fictional books by economist Zecharia Sitchin about a civilization on this planet are a hoax….

Is there a rogue planet like Niburu?

NASA has never issued any such warning, nor reported the existence of any “rogue planet.” In fact, NASA has stated just the opposite, that no planet such as “Niburu” is known to exist: Nibiru Does Not Exist – Dr. David Morrison