What is the antonym of phone?

What is the antonym of phone?

What is the opposite of phone?

receive get
obtain gain
have acquire
accept land
be given be presented with

What is the best antonym for the word mobile?

antonyms for mobile

  • settled.
  • solid.
  • fixed.
  • immobile.
  • stable.
  • stationary.
  • unmovable.

What is synonym of mobile phone?

field telephone. digital telephone. satellite telephone. car telephone. “There’s a URL encoded in the QR code that a new mobile phone application first decodes then launches the browser in your mobile to find.”

What’s another word for not mobile?

immobile Add to list Share. Something immobile can’t move or be moved — it’s locked or stuck in place. If you know that mobile things move around, then you’re halfway to understanding what immobile means: this refers to anything that can’t move. A mountain is immobile; no one’s moving that.

What do you mean by mobile phone?

mobile telephone, also called mobile phone, portable device for connecting to a telecommunications network in order to transmit and receive voice, video, or other data.

What is the prefix of mobile?

Answer. Answer: mobile itself is not a prefix. however, mob- is a prefix that means to move.

What is order antonym?

antonyms for order

  • disorganization.
  • chaos.
  • disagreement.
  • discord.
  • disorder.
  • disproportion.
  • fighting.
  • imbalance.

What words are related to phone?

According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for “phone” are: telephone, call, handset, sound, and landline.

What does non mobile mean?

Definition of nonmobile : not mobile: such as. a : not capable of moving or being moved a nonmobile joint. b : not of, relating to, or being a cellular telephone system nonmobile devices.

Which is correct mobile or cell phone?

Both mobile phones and cell phones are used to refer to the same thing–to the handy telephone that can be used for sending messages and emails, provide Internet access, and take and store pictures and videos. “Mobile” is the term used in Britain while “cell” is the term used in the USA.