What is the Beast of Gevaudan?

What is the Beast of Gévaudan?

The Beast of Gévaudan committed its first recorded attack in the early summer of 1764. A young woman named Marie Jeanne Vallet, who was tending cattle in the Mercoire forest near the town of Langogne in the eastern part of Gévaudan, saw a beast “like a wolf, yet not a wolf” come at her.

What is La Bête du Gévaudan?

Between 1764 and 1767 a mysterious creature called the Beast ravaged the rural region of Gévaudan, France. About 100 men, women and children reportedly fell victim to La Bête du Gévaudan.

Did Marie-Jeanne Valet fight the Beast of Gévaudan?

A statue of Marie-Jeanne Valet fighting the Beast of Gévaudan in France. Even children were celebrated for taking on the Beast. On January 12, 1765, the Beast attacked 10-year-old Jacques Portefaix and a group of seven friends ranging from ages eight to 12. However, Portefaix led a counterattack with sticks driving off the creature.

How did captain Duhamel fight the Beast at Le Gévaudan?

First captain Duhamel of the Clermont Prince dragoons and his troops were soon sent to Le Gévaudan. Although extremely zealous in his efforts, non-cooperation on the part of the local herders and farmers stalled Duhamel’s efforts. On several occasions he almost shot the beast, but was hampered by the incompetence of his guards.

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