What is the Carmex container made of?

What is the Carmex container made of?

Phenol 0.4%;Menthol 0.7%;Camphor 1.7% Beeswax, Cetyl Esters, Flavor, Fragrance, Lanolin, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Salicylic Acid And Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter.

How toxic is Carmex?

The safety of refined mineral oil or petrolatum has been confirmed by long-term use in various cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and proven through multiple competent studies, which show no toxic or carcinogenic response.

Why is phenol in Carmex?

In Carmex, phenol helps reduce the itching and burning associated with dry chapped lips and cold sores. The phenol in Carmex’s lip balms also helps to gently remove old, dry and peeling skin found on very chapped lips. They have Phenol in their lip balm.

Is Carmex petroleum jelly?

Although natural brand, Burt’s Bees, is currently home to the world’s biggest selling lip balm, it’s propped up by brands such as Carmex, Blistex and Chapstick, all of which rely on ingredients such as petroleum jelly.

Why does Carmex have salicylic acid?

Carmex says that the salicylic acid, “serves as a pain reliever and an antiseptic. It also helps to dry cold sores.” We suppose that if the user doesn’t have cold sores, the balm loses its drying properties… Concentrated salicylic acid is used to remove warts, says Wikipedia.

Does Carmex have vitamin E?

It also helps in effectively soothing the skin. The fruit is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin C, A and E, which are essential for skin. It hydrates all skin types. The amazingly healthy components present in this fruit make it a great choice in skin care.

Does Carmex have harmful ingredients?

Besides the camphor and menthol, Carmex also includes several other ingredients that can cause sensitivity. The irritation creates a never-ending cycle of Carmex addiction. Dr. Bowe says, “Carmex has many irritating ingredients that can cause inflammation in the lip area in people with sensitive lips.

Does Carmex have toxic ingredients?

Some ingredients found in Carmex are known allergens such as Citronellol, Linalool and Limonene so if you have sensitive skin you may get a reaction. Camphor and menthol which are added to soothe lips can also cause irritation and tingling sensation.

What’s better Vaseline or Carmex?

BS”D Vaseline is more useful than Carmex. A new report from a French consumer group has warned customers that their lip balms may contain toxic substances. … The brands discovered to have lip balms containing harmful ingredients include Garnier, Carmex (AKA your fave lip balm), and La Roche Posay.

Is Carmex good for acne?

Did you know that, because of its blend of salicylic acid, menthol, camphor, shea butter and other great ingredients, Carmex can be used for things aside from dry lips? It can help dry out pimples! It can be used as an antiseptic for minor cuts, burns and bites!

What are the ingredients in Gatorade?

According to the Gatorade website, Gatorade ingredients (Thirst Quencher Original Pack) include water, sugar, dextrose, citric acid, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, gum arabic, glycerol ester of rosin along with flavorings.

How should I use Carmex products containing these ingredients?

*Carmex products containing these ingredients should be used as directed on the label.

Does Gatorade have sucralose in it?

Some sugar free varieties of Gatorade contain sucralose, a non-calorie artificial sweetener. Sucralose is added simply to enhance flavor and provide sweetness. Sucralose is sold as Splenda.

What is the history of Gatorade?

Gatorade ($14.99 for 24, Amazon.com) has become a household name, hydrating athletes and non-athletes alike. Gatorade’s origins trace back to one football team’s desires to keep its players extra hydrated. According to Harvard Health Publishing, the sports drink was created in the 1960s for the University of Florida Gators football team.