What is the circulation of The Times?

What is the circulation of The Times?

The Times had an average daily circulation of 417,298 in January 2019; in the same period, The Sunday Times had an average weekly circulation of 712,291. An American edition of The Times has been published since 6 June 2006.

What is the circulation of the Sunday Times?

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times cover (13 July 2014)
Type Sunday newspaper
Circulation 659,699 (as of September 2019)
Sister newspapers The Times
ISSN 0956-1382

How many readers does the Sunday Times have?

The Times and The Sunday Times are reaching a record 16 million readers a month, after the pandemic raised digital subscriptions. The monthly reach of titles published by Times Newspapers Ltd is up nearly 40 per cent on the quarter before and 87.3 per cent year-on-year, the Publishers Audience Measurement Company said.

What is the most reputable newspaper in the UK?

The Guardian is most trusted by its readers among UK newspapers, finds Ofcom. Research from media regulator Ofcom has rated the Guardian as the most trusted newspaper in the UK among regular readers.

What is the average age of a Times reader?

The median age for all 204,000 respondents (only adults are interviewed) is 47.6 years (see table). The median age of a person reading a daily print newspaper is 57.9, which is younger than the median age for those who watched The Weather Channel (58.9), and the Fox News Channel (58.4) in the past week.

How many magazines are in circulation in the United States?

Circulation and readership statistics for over 2,800 North American magazines and newspapers from first quarter of 2011 to date. The most detailed source of circulation statistics, including both online and print formats.

Where can I find circulation statistics for a specific newspaper?

The most detailed source of circulation statistics, including both online and print formats. Larger newspapers have average daily circulation figures for print copies as well as online readership counts and website usage. For a good example of the detailed information available, search Times Union and click on the Albany NY title.

How do I get a circulation number for a specific media source?

From the Leadership Connect home page, click on the Build a List tab. Click the Media Outlet Circulation link and enter a numerical range likely to include the media source you want a circulation number for. Click on an entry from the resulting list of media organizations. Most recent circulation data only.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the newspaper UK?

Unlimited digital access and the printed daily newspaper. Pay £39 per month for your first 3 months. After your 3-month trial, you will pay £52 per month. 3-month minimum contract, quarterly rolling contract thereafter. Sale offer ends January 31st 2022. How can I get my newspaper?