What is the density of urea-formaldehyde?

What is the density of urea-formaldehyde?

1.282 g cm-3
Table 1

Parameters Values
Solid content 64.3 wt.%
Viscosity at 30°C 170 cP
pH 8.27
Density 1.282 g cm-3

What is the ratio of urea and formaldehyde?

In the first step, urea-formaldehyde reactions are performed under alkaline conditions at a molar ratio of F/U = 1.8–2.5.

What is the ratio of urea-formaldehyde to produce useful resin?

between 1:2 and 1:2.2
The ratio of urea to formaldehyde is between 1:2 and 1:2.2 and therefore methylolation can take place at in a short amount of time at temperatures between 90 and 95 °C, with a mixture being maintained under reflux. The formation of the resin is completed after the exotherm has subsided.

What percentage of formaldehyde is preparing urea formaldehyde resin?

The initial mixing of formaldehyde solution, generally containing 51-60%, preferably 51-55%, by weight of formaldehyde, and urea usually takes place at a F:U molar ratio within the range 2.2 to 2.8:1, especially 2.3 to 2.5:1, and at pH 8-9.

What is the formula of urea-formaldehyde?


PubChem CID 62705
Molecular Formula C2H6N2O2
Synonyms Urea formaldehyde Polynoxylin 9011-05-6 formaldehyde;urea urea-formaldehyde More…
Molecular Weight 90.08
Component Compounds CID 1176 (Urea) CID 712 (Formaldehyde)

Is urea-formaldehyde water soluble?

Urea formaldehyde plastic was first made in 1896 by condensing Urea with Formaldehyde to form a water-soluble resin. It was patented as a molding powder in 1923 called Pollapas by Frits Pollack. The thermoplastic resin was molded with heat and pressure into colorful household products.

What is formula of formaldehyde?

CH2OFormaldehyde / Formula

What is the density of urea?

1.32 g/cm³Urea / Density
Urea appears as solid odorless white crystals or pellets. Density 1.335 g /cc.

What is the density of formaldehyde?

815 kg/m³Formaldehyde / Density
Based on these data the density of pure formaldehyde is determined to be 0.815 g/cm³ at -20 °C.