What is the difference between HP 564 and HP 564XL ink cartridges?

What is the difference between HP 564 and HP 564XL ink cartridges?

HP 564 Vs 564XL Ink: Understanding the Difference An XL cartridge offers a better yield, i.e. it prints more pages. Thus, HP 564 is a standard-yield ink cartridge while HP 564XL is a high-yield ink cartridge for certain HP inkjet printers. A high-capacity ink cartridge holds more ink than its ‘standard’ counterpart.

What is the difference between HP 564 black and photo black?

HP 564, 364, 178, and 862 Ink Cartridges that used to be named Photo Black ink cartridges are now named Photo ink cartridges. The new Photo cartridges are the same as the old Photo Black cartridges. Only the name has changed. The name change is intended to reduce confusion with Black ink cartridges.

What is HP 564 compatible with?

What HP printers use 564 ink? HP 564/564XL ink cartridges work on the PhotoSmart 5520, 5514, 5525, 5515, 5510, 5512 and OfficeJet 4620, 4622 and DeskJet 3070a, 3520, 3521, 3522, 3524, 3526 printers and more! For a complete list, click here.

Is HP 564 and 64 the same?

The HP 564 inks are not used in any current model printers. They were multi-colored cartridges. The HP 64 inks only have two cartridges, one black and one color and have the ability to print in single cartridge mode, meaning with only one of the inks installed.

Can I use HP 564XL instead of 564?

But you can use a combination of XL and regular cartridges at the same time for different colors. I usually buy the 3 ink combination pack of 564 Cyan, Magenta and Yellow color cartridges (regular size, just says 564) and then, because my black ink cartridge gets more use, I buy the 564XL Black cartridge.

Can I use black instead of photo black?

A number of inkjet printers require both a black ink cartridge and a photo black ink cartridge. Many people ask if these cartridges can be used interchangeably, or if your printer will work if one of the cartridges is installed and not the other. The short answer is, no.

What HP printers use 564 ink?

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  • What printers are compatible with 564 ink?

    【Product Name】Juyudow ink refill kit for HP Inkjet Printers.

  • 【Compatible Printers】Juyudow ink refill kit are compatible for HP Inkjet Printers 21 22 564 60 61 62 63 711 94 95 96 901 902 920 932 933 934 940 950
  • 【High Print Quality】The printed colors are vivid,and the print quality is comparable to the original ink.
  • Who makes the best ink jet cartridge for HP?

    – High precision construction – Compatible with color printers – Ideal for more pages printing

    Which printer has cheapest ink cartridges?

    USB,Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity

  • 350 sheet paper input
  • 40 pages per minute
  • Printer output” monochrome
  • Full-spectrum security