What is the difference between Mountain House Pro Pak?

What is the difference between Mountain House Pro Pak?

Our Classic pouches are bigger, contain more servings and are the original recipes. Our Pro-Pak pouches are single serving, and have higher protein and focused calories to align with military specifications for Meals, Cold Weather (MCW). Our Adventure Meal™ pouches consist of mainly two serving pouches.

How long do Mountain House pouches last?

30 years
New Shelf Life is The Longest Proven Shelf Life for Freeze Dried Food in The Emergency Preparedness Industry. Mountain House, a division of OFD Foods, Inc., has raised the shelf life for all freeze dried entrees in cans and pouches to 30 years.

Did Mountain House change their packaging?

Mountain House has announced some changes in their line of products starting in 2020. These changes include Retiring Products, New Products, and a slow transition to their new recipes in the “Clean Label” line of packaging.

Does Mountain House food have MSG?

Answer: We do not add MSG to our products, however, MSG can form naturally. MSG is formed during the manufacturing process of certain ingredients such as tomatoes and certain cheeses. Currently the only products containing Naturally forming MSG are Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken Teriyaki, and Sweet and Sour Pork.

How long does peak refuel last?

5 years
Peak Refuel pouches have an unopened shelf life of 5 years.

Is Mountain House really two servings?

1 serving mountain house was about 300 calories. Ben H. They are two servings when you add sides and dessert.

Are Mountain House meals freeze-dried or dehydrated?

Mountain House foods are 100% freeze-dried and are easy to prepare—just add hot water, wait about 10-12 minutes, and eat! If a heat source is not available, room temperature or cold water can be used, too.

Can you burn Mountain House packages?

Eventually they will corrode away anyway. Like was said earlier , burn it hot and it will be fine. Not burning it means having to store a bear attractant in your pack and manage when you camp. Cooked food residue smells much stronger than vacuum packed freeze dried does.

Where is Mountain House food made?

We are nestled in the heart of the lush Willamette Valley of Oregon, just south of Portland. It is here in our hometown of Albany that we cook up our hearty, savory meals. You can find Mountain House online and at most major sporting goods retailers in the camping aisle.

Did Mountain House discontinue raspberry crumble?

I got the official word today that it is in fact permanently discontinued.

Who owns Peak Refuel?

Founder Seth Adams
Founder Seth Adams Sharing His Story. Josh sits down with Peak Refuel founder Seth Adams. Peak Refuel is a backcountry meal and snack brand delivering freeze dried meals that don’t lose their nutritional value through the dehydration process and taste AMAZING.

Where is Peak Refuel made?

Utah, USA
Where are our meals produced? All Peak Refuel Meals are Freeze-Dried and Packaged at 4,600′ in Utah, USA.