What is the easiest tarot card spread?

What is the easiest tarot card spread?

For beginner readers, Howe recommends two basic spreads, a three-card pull and the Celtic Cross. The former is where three cards are drawn from the deck to represent the past, present, and future or mind, body, and spirit of the person being read.

Can you do tarot spreads for yourself?

Is it possible to do Tarot spreads on yourself, even if you’re a beginner? Yes! It absolutely is. Tarot is a modality that helps us gain greater insight into our current situations, honor our intuition and forecast potential outcomes.

What is a good deck of tarot cards for beginners?

20 Best Tarot Card Decks for Beginners

  • Rider-Waite Original Tarot Deck Cards.
  • Tarot for Kids.
  • Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot.
  • OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone.
  • The Simple Tarot Deck Starter Kit: Beginner Tarot Cards and Guidebook.
  • Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
  • The Good Tarot.

Can you use tarot cards as a beginner?

“The magic and beauty and power of the tarot cards is their ability to help you unlock your own personal power,” she says. Learning the meaning of all 78 cards, not to mention reversals, can be daunting—but any beginner can start on the journey. “Tarot is for everyone, because everybody has an intuition.

What do I need to know about tarot spreads?

The “What you need to KNOW, GROW and LET GO” Tarot Spread. This spread can be used when you are just doing a general check in with yourself and how you are feeling, or you can explore a particular issue or area of your life. Here is an example that I did for myself (my clients’ readings are private, of course).

What does reversed mean in Tarot?

When you pull a reversed tarot card—which you can do intentionally by flipping the deck upside down and selecting or can happen by chance—it essentially means that you’re missing some of the energy of that card’s turned-right-side-up meaning.

How do you shuffle Tarot cards for the first time?

How to Get Started:

  1. Open your tarot box.
  2. Hold the cards in your hand.
  3. While still holding the cards in your hand, “knock” or tap the pile of cards several times to spread your energy into the deck.
  4. Give the cards a thorough shuffle.
  5. Cut the cards into three piles and then put them into one pile again.

Is modern witch tarot deck good for beginners?

It can make for a great beginner deck because it’s easy to find information on how to interpret the cards. The Modern Witch tarot deck is a contemporary twist on the Rider Waite deck. The Akamara tarot deck showcases African spiritual practices.

What are the best Tarot spreads for beginners?

The middle card is the recommended action you can take to get to the card on the right – the outcome. The last of my top 5 tarot spreads for beginners is the No Spread Spread. It’s a funny name, but it is exactly what it says it is.

How do you use the blessings tarot card spread?

It is incredibly helpful when dealing with a frustrating situation, or when you are seeking clarity about your next best step. As with the Past-Present-Future spread, you lay the cards left to right, in the order you draw them. The card on your left is the Blessings card.

What is a 5 card tarot spread?

A five card tarot spread can be structured as a cross, which builds on the three-card formation. In this spread, a middle row may consist of three cards showing Past, Present, and Future. One card is placed beneath these three to reveal a core reason for the circumstances as they exist.

What is a daily spread in tarot?

This daily spread is super straightforward, and is one of the most basic in this category. You can use this spread to look at specific areas of life, revealing aspects of the day to you in order to help gain some clarity. This last daily spread is another three card one that looks at the times of day.