What is the easiest way to cover a cake with fondant?

What is the easiest way to cover a cake with fondant?

Quickly lift the rolling pin and place it next to the side of the cake. Start unrolling the fondant from the pin until it hangs just below the bottom edge of the cake. Continue unrolling the fondant across the top of the cake to the other side. When you finish, your cake should be draped in an even covering of fondant.

How do you roll fondant without sticking it?

Prevent fondant from sticking to your counter by lightly dust your work surface and fondant roller with confectioners’ sugar or cornstarch. You can also use solid vegetable shortening to prevent sticking if you live in a very dry climate or if your fondant is already a little dry.

How do you cover a round cake with fondant?

Start with the fondant in the shape of the cake you’re covering. For example, start with a rounded shape of fondant to cover a round cake. Using a plastic fondant roller (we have one for smaller projects and one for larger projects ), roll out your fondant to the desired size.

What is fondant and how do you use it?

Perfect for giving you that nice, clean finish on your cake, fondant is an edible dough that can be used to cover cakes and make decorations. this … In this article, we’ll cover prepping your cake, smoothing your fondant and everything in between.

How do you remove fondant from a cake?

Gently pull and stretch the fondant away from the cake, using the edge of your hand (the pinky finger side) to smooth the sides and remove any creases. Using the edge of your hand also helps prevent fingerprints and ridges from forming.

How do you roll fondant with a ruler?

To get the right thickness, you can use fondant guide rings, which slide on to the end of the fondant rollers, or a ruler. Always roll from the center outwards, turning and lifting the fondant as you go to keep the shape consistent.