What is the example of extermination?

What is the example of extermination?

Exterminate is defined as to destroy completely, or kill. Having a pest-control service kill the ants in your home is an example of exterminate. To kill all of a population, usually deliberate and especially applied to pests. We’ll use poison to exterminate the rats.

What is the synonym of exterminate?

Some common synonyms of exterminate are eradicate, extirpate, and uproot. While all these words mean “to effect the destruction or abolition of something,” exterminate implies complete and immediate extinction by killing off all individuals.

What does extermination mean in sociology?

Extermination – The act of exterminating; total destruction; eradication; excision; as, the extermination of inhabitants or tribes, of error or vice, or of weeds from a field.

What is a complete destruction?

The act or state of destroying or being destroyed, especially completely. extermination. extinction. obliteration.

What is a obliteration?

: to remove, destroy, or hide completely. obliterate. transitive verb. oblit·​er·​ate | \ ə-ˈblit-ə-ˌrāt, ō- \ obliterated; obliterating.

What is an antonym for the word exterminate?

Opposite of to kill, especially in large numbers and usually deliberately. bear. build. create.

What does it mean to exterminate someone?

Extermination or exterminate may refer to: Genocide, extermination—in whole or in part—of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group Extermination (comics), a Marvel Comics crossover event featuring the X-Men Extermination (video game), a 2001 PlayStation 2 game by Deep Space

What is “xtermination”?

The International Law Commission articulated that “ [e]xtermination is a crime which by its very nature is directed against a group of individuals” and qualified that the individuals do not have to share any common characteristics. [17] 542.

What is the difference between extermination and extinction?

extermination – complete annihilation; “they think a meteor cause the extinction of the dinosaurs”. extinction. annihilation, disintegration – total destruction; “bomb tests resulted in the annihilation of the atoll”.

What is the difference between persecution and extermination?

It found that extermination requires proof that the accused caused the death of a large number of people, while persecution requires proof that an act or omission was in fact discriminatory and that the act or omission was committed with specific intent to discriminate. [2] The Appeals Chamber endorses the analysis of the ICTY Appeals Chamber.