What is the highest rank in Tanki Online?

What is the highest rank in Tanki Online?

There are 31 distinct ranks in the game, from Recruit to Legend. The Legend rank is final, but once a player reaches 1 600 000 points and becomes Legend, after 200 000 more points they will become Legend 2, then Legend 3, and so on indefinitely.

How do you get juggernaut in Tanki?

“Juggernaut” mode will be available only in Matchmaking (non-PRO0 battles for players of the Sergeant rank and higher.

What is juggernaut in Tanki Online?

Juggernaut is a special hull that hoards a massive amount of hitpoints – five times more hitpoints than any heavy tank – while also still being able to drive at a speed faster than any fully upgraded light hull.

What is the best hull and turret in Tanki Online?

CrazyJohn Gaming’s Top 5 Best Hulls and Turrets

  • Isida: That weapon is 1st because its healing power makes it unique. Isida will stay no.
  • Shaft: The god in sniping.
  • Ricochet: Sooo powerful…
  • Railgun: Extreme damage and cool-looking, this gun fits perfectly for players who want to snipe if they don’t have a Shaft.

Is Tanki Online on mobile?

More importantly, the game works on the majority of modern Android mobile devices. So spread the word and let everyone know that soon they will be able to play Tanki Online on mobile anytime, anywhere!

How many users does Tanki Online have?

Tanki Online

Month Avg. Players % Gain
January 2021 80.3 +33.86%
December 2020 60.0 +12.71%
November 2020 53.2 +27.23%
October 2020 41.8 +56.59%

What is the fastest hull in Tanki?

Viking. Medium hull. It has the fastest speed among all medium hulls. Overdrive greatly increases the damage of its turret, thanks to the increased rate of fire.

Can I play Tanki Online?

TO Mobile now released! Mobile version of Tanki Online was released! Now you can take your favorite game with you anywhere and play on public transport, on a walk or sitting in a cafe — basically everywhere there is internet.

Is Tanki Online a Russian game?

Tanki Online was launched in 2009 in Russia.

Who created Tanki Online?

Alternativa GamesTanki Online / Developer