What is the latest version of Citrix Gateway?

What is the latest version of Citrix Gateway?

Citrix ADC/GW version 13.0 build 64.

How do I update my Citrix Receiver?

Open Citrix Workspace app from the system tray. Navigate to Advanced Preferences > Citrix Workspace updates. In the Update Settings screen, select Release from the Update channel drop-down list and click Save.

What app opens Citrix Receiver?

Citrix Workspace app provides the full capabilities of Citrix Receiver, as well as new capabilities based on your organization’s Citrix deployment.

Why is my Citrix Workspace not working?

The most common cause why Citrix Workspace (formerly Citrix Receiver) is not working is actually the Internet connection you’re using. When you have a slow, or unreliable Internet connection, Citrix Workspace isn’t able to work properly.

How do I update my gateway in Citrix?

Check for software updates

  1. Go to the Citrix website.
  2. Click My Account and log on.
  3. Click Downloads.
  4. Under Find Downloads, select Citrix Gateway.
  5. In Select Download Type, select Product Software and then click Find.
  6. On the Citrix Gateway page, expand Citrix ADC Gateway or Access Gateway.

How do I install Citrix Gateway?

Install the Citrix Secure Access agent for Windows

  1. In a web browser, type the web address of Citrix Gateway.
  2. Type the user name and password and then click Logon.
  3. Select Network Access and then click Download.
  4. Follow the instructions to install the plug-in.

How do I update my Citrix Receiver on my Mac?

From Citrix Downloads page

  1. Download the .
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. On the Introduction page, click Continue.
  4. On the License page, click Continue.
  5. Click Agree to accept the terms of the License Agreement.
  6. On the Installation Type page, click Install.
  7. On the Add Account page, select Add Account and then click Continue.

How do I update Citrix Workspace on Chromebook?

To upgrade to the new Citrix Workspace app, do any of the following steps:

  1. Download the Citrix Workspace app from the Citrix download page and install the app to upgrade from Citrix Receiver to Citrix Workspace app.
  2. Upgrade your Citrix Workspace app using your OS app store.

What is the latest version of Citrix Receiver for Windows 10?

Receiver 4.9. 9002 for Windows, LTSR Cumulative Update 9 – Citrix India.

How do I import APNs to XenMobile?

From Use as, choose APNs. For Keystore file, click Browse and navigate to the file. In Password, type the certificate password. Type an optional Description. Click Import. XenMobile redirects you back to the Certificates page. The Name, Status, Valid from, and Valid to fields update.

How do I import a PFX certificate to XenMobile?

Then, type a friendly name or the certificate name and click OK. Don’t include space characters in the name. Select the certificate that you identified in Step 4, and then click Export. Specify a location and file name for the .pfx certificate and a password, and then click OK. You need the password for the certificate to import it into XenMobile.

How do I enroll and manage iOS and macOS devices in XenMobile?

To enroll and manage iOS and macOS devices in XenMobile, you set up an Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate from Apple. Step 1: Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) through any of these methods: Step 4: Using the same computer used for Step 1, Complete the CSR and export a PKCS #12 file:

How do I install a CSR in XenMobile?

Save the .pem file. Using that .pem file, complete the CSR (according to the method you used to create the CSR in Step 1). Export the certificate as a .pfx file. In the XenMobile console, import the .pfx file and complete the configuration as follows: Go to Settings > Certificates > Import. From the Import menu, choose Keystore.