What is the range of the Epic E1000?

What is the range of the Epic E1000?

1,899 miEpic E1000 / Range

Powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A with 1,200 hp, the Epic E1000 has a range of up to 1,560 nautical miles.

Is the Epic E1000 certified?

Epic Aircraft announced on July 15 that it had received the type certificate from the FAA for its next generation version of the E1000, the GX. The E1000 GX—which replaces the original E1000—features the updated Garmin GFCTM 700 automated flight control system and a Hartzell 5-blade composite propeller.

How much does the Epic E1000 cost?

$3.25 million
The company expects to receive an FAA production certificate in the first quarter of 2020. The Epic E1000 has a retail price of $3.25 million.

Does the Epic E1000 have a toilet?

It also offers more space with room for up to eight people and an optional toilet, which provides greater range capabilities for the occupants. The Phenom is the only airplane on this list with a significant external baggage compartment, which is why its passenger cabin is shorter.

How much does an Epic Aircraft cost?

US$3.85 million
One of the manufacturers who celebrated a first delivery in 2020 is Epic Aircraft of Bend, Oregon. Its all-composite E1000 GX is a six-seat, single-engine turboprop with a base price of US$3.85 million.

How much is the Epic Aircraft?

$ 3,450,000
air. one PRICE

Manufacturer Epic Aircraft Aircraft Type E1000 Base Aircraft Price (USD) $ 3,450,000*
Total Seats 6 Cockpit 2 Standard Cabin Seats 4
Min Crew 1 Flight Deck (Base Spec) Garmin G1000 NXi Flight Rules IFR
Certification in Development OEM Verification Un-Verified

Does the Pilatus PC-12 have a restroom?

The PC-12 comes equipped with a toilet, a fully integrated luggage area and a completely flat floor – unlike many other aircraft which have a recessed, tiered central aisle. Passenger comfort is much enhanced as a result.

What is an Epic Aircraft?

Epic Aircraft, based in Bend, Oregon, began redefining the rules of aviation in 2004 when it debuted its first experimental aircraft, the Epic LT. Its artful combination of turbine power, composite technology, advanced avionics and unforgettable luxury, packaged in a sleek, elegant airframe, caused the aviation industry to take notice.

What is the next-generation Epic E1000 GX?

Epic received FAA Type Certification (TC) for its award-winning E1000 model aircraft in November 2019 and for its next-generation E1000 GX in July 2021. The E1000 GX, equipped with the Garmin GFC 700 Automated Flight Control System and the Hartzell 5-Blade Composite Propeller, offers improved performance, safety, comfort and versatility.

What makes the epic GX unique?

Epic’s signature wing design optimizes stability, efficiency, and slow-handling characteristics. Certified in the “utility” category, the E1000 GX meets structural strength requirements that are well beyond that of any traditional metal aircraft.

What is the cabin design of the E1000 GX like?

The cabin design is a flawless extension of the aircraft’s sleek and elegant lines. Whether you’re sitting at the controls or relaxing in the rear, the E1000 GX ensures every seat delivers a first-class experience.