What is the second part to 300?

What is the second part to 300?

300: Rise of an Empire is a 2014 American epic action film directed by Noam Murro and written and produced by Zack Snyder. It is a sequel to the 2007 film 300, taking place before, during, and after the main events of that film, and is loosely based on the Battle of Artemisium and the Battle of Salamis.

Will there be a 300: Rise of an Empire sequel?

Zack Snyder reveals he wrote the third and “final chapter” of 300, but studio Warner Bros. passed because Blood and Ashes “really didn’t fit in as the third movie” of the franchise.

Is the second 300 a prequel?

Never. Ever. “Rise of an Empire” is both prequel and sequel to “300,” its narrative wrapping around the 2007 film’s story. It revisits the final shot, with Leonidas’ warriors dead, peppered with the arrows of Xerxes’ Persian army.

Is there a 300 2nd movie?

The sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire is again visually stunning, wickedly entertaining. 300: Rise of an Empire is an American film, sequel to 300, directed by Noam Murro, produced by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, 300) and starred by Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, and Lena Headey. The film was released on March 7, 2014.

Who are the actors in 3002 rise of an empire?

300: Rise of an Empire: Directed by Noam Murro. With Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson. Greek general Themistokles of Athens leads the naval charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.

Is there a 300 Rise of an empire sequel?

300 Rise of an empire – Trial for the rise of a sequel. 300 Rise of an Empire – A screen blotted in duskiness and gore with full 1 and half hours action. The movie presents double the barbarian ways of slaughter and kills weighing against the First part in the series.

Why was the 300 movie cut in India?

The Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures logos are seen on doors that open up to reveal the mural of Leonidas and the 300 Spartans. The Indian theatrical release was cut in order to obtain an A (adults only) rating. The sex scene was trimmed. Okay, this is obviously not as good as the first one.