What is Thespian Conference?

What is Thespian Conference?

The International Thespian Festival is an annual week-long theatre festival that brings together U.S. high school theatre clubs, thespian troupes, and programs. Organized by the International Thespian Society, it is held annually in late June on the campus of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska.

How many hours do you need to be an Honors Thespian?

The minimum eligibility requirement for Thespian induction is one hundred hours of quality work in theatre arts and related disciplines.

What does a Thespian society do?

The International Thespian Society (ITS), an honorary group for middle and high school theatre students, is a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA). The mission of ITS is to honor student excellence in the theatre arts. Thespian troupes are just a component of a school’s theatre program.

How do you get thespian points?

Students may earn up to five points toward membership through participation at the middle school level (through an ITS Junior Thespian troupe), in community, children’s or professional theatre, or in other activities in the performing arts.

Where is ThesCon held?

Columbus, GA
ThesCon will be in Columbus, GA, in various venues including The Columbus Trade Center, The RiverCenter, The Springer Opera House, and the CSU Riverside Theatre. Please review the Georgia Thespian Code of Conduct. Please review the Safety and Security Rules. Conference Show Ticketing Procedure.

What are thespian points?

Students meet one important induction requirement by earning Thespian points. These are awarded based on the quality and quantity of work they perform in theatre and related disciplines. “Quality” may include the caliber of the work done and the educational value of the experience.

How do you get into the Thespian society?

To attain Thespian membership, a student must earn ten points, five of which must be acquired at the school where he or she is to be inducted. Thespian membership will be awarded on a democratic basis to all students who qualify according to the requirements of the point system.

What counts as Thespian points?

The following are general guidelines for the awarding of Thespian points: Inductees must earn 10 points, 5 of which should be awarded for work done at the school where he or she will be inducted. In general, 1 point represents approximately 10 hours of excellent work.

What counts as thespian points?