What is UPM asphalt?

What is UPM asphalt?

UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material is a high performance cold patch asphalt mix that can be used by municipalities, contractors, business and home oweners to fill potholes year round. Use to repair roadways, parking lots, jogging, bicycle and walking paths, driveways and other asphalt and concrete pavements.

How long does it take for cold patch to cure?

Avoid getting Asphalt Cold Patch on hands or clothing. Avoid dry turning tires on patched area until the material has hardened sufficiently (certain weather conditions may extend this period). Allow repaired area to cure for a minimum of 30 days (preferably 90 days or more) before applying driveway sealer.

What is cold patch used for?

Cold mix asphalt is one of the basic asphalt types and is commonly used for repairs or small-scale patches. It doesn’t require heating and bags of asphalt can be poured directly on potholes or cracks to prevent the damage from spreading.

What is MC cold mix?

MC Cold Mix is a temporary cold mix patching material. It is slow curing and often used in areas that need a temporary patch. It works well with light duty traffic or in small areas that aren’t driven on and will hold up well.

What is UPM in road construction?

UPM Permanent Pavement Repair Material is a cold patch asphalt mix that is used by municipalities, contractors and businesses to fill potholes and repair roads. UPM mix reduces repair costs by delivering more value in a material that lasts.

What’s the difference between cold patch and hot patch?

Hot mix asphalt is best for filling cracks and potholes in warm dry weather. Cold patch products, on the other hand, are well-suited for installing in cooler weather. For this reason, many asphalt sealcoating contractors decide to use cold patch asphalt as a temporary solution until the weather warms up.

Can you seal cold patch?

The cold patch product is durable by itself and can guarantee long lasting results. To make it last longer, it is advised to apply seal coat once the patch has cured, which is around 24 to 48 hours after the patch has been applied.

Is cold patch the same as asphalt?

Is cold patch asphalt durable?

Aside from being highly resistant, durability, and strength features of asphalt makes it ideal for constructing parking lots, pavement, and roadways.

What is UPM cold mix asphalt repair?

UPM ® Cold Mix Asphalt Repair material has been used to permanently repair large asphalt cracks and fill more potholes than any cold mix or cold patch asphalt product in the pavement repair industry.

Does UPM cold mix bleed through Hot Mix?

UPM® Cold Mix requires no heating equipment, will not bleed through hot-mix overlays, and is ready to use straight from a bulk stockpile or bag. Check out our asphalt cold patch instructions to learn how to use UPM® Cold Mix to repair a pothole.

What is the best cold patch for roads?

UPM® Cold Mix is a dependable pavement patch solution. Use our cold asphalt patch year-round on highways, roads, driveways and more. Discover our seasonally adjusted asphalt cold patch solutions and never delay a pothole repair again:

Is there a cold patch asphalt repair that lasts?

We’ll get you the cold patch asphalt repair that lasts. UPM ® Permanent Pavement Repair Material is high-performance cold mix asphalt repair material that can be used by municipalities, contractors and homeowners to fill potholes year-round.