What is ZOLEO used for?

What is ZOLEO used for?

The ZOLEO can use the Iridium Satellite network to communicate when you dont have a cellular signal. The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is a small device that allows you to communicate worldwide (including in the backcountry) with no cellular service.

Is ZOLEO better than inReach?

The device: inReach Mini wins First, it’s 33 percent lighter, at just 3.5 ounces (versus 5.3 for ZOLEO). Second, and more importantly, the Mini has a small screen that: More clearly displays its status and any received messages; and, Can be used to send messages, using its painfully slow virtual keyboard.

Can you call with ZOLEO?

ZOLEO does not support voice calling. It is a two-way satellite messaging device. You can use it to exchange messages with any cell/SMS number, email address or another ZOLEO App user.

Who owns ZOLEO?

Formed in 2018 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ZOLEO Inc. is a joint venture between Beam Communication Pty. Ltd. and Roadpost Inc.

Does ZOLEO work without plan?

Just like your mobile phone, ZOLEO needs an active service plan in order to transmit messages via the Iridium satellite network. Unlike mobile network providers, with ZOLEO you have the option to suspend your plan when it’s not in use, and you can also change or cancel plans online when needed.

Is ZOLEO waterproof?

“There honestly isn’t anything that we didn’t like about the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator. It’s rugged, waterproof, and did everything that it’s supposed to do. “

Which spot device is best?

Best of the Rest

  • ZOLEO Satellite Communicator ($200) Category: Two-way. Weight: 5.3 oz.
  • Garmin inReach Explorer+ ($450) Category: Two-way. Weight: 7.5 oz.
  • SPOT X ($250) Category: Two-way. Weight: 7 oz.
  • SPOT Gen4 ($170) Category: One-way. Weight: 5 oz.
  • Higher Ground SatPaq ($379) Category: Two-way. Weight: 4 oz.

How many phones can connect to ZOLEO?

one ZOLEO App
Only one ZOLEO App can be linked with the ZOLEO communicator at any one time. If you wish to share your ZOLEO communicator with another app user, you must first unlink/disconnect from the ZOLEO device using the ZOLEO App or online account.

How long does ZOLEO battery last?

200+ hour
The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator has a 200+ hour battery life, which is more than enough for a long weekend of remote exploration. Even if you had it on for 10 hours a day, you’re still going to get over two weeks of battery life, which is remarkable.

When did ZOLEO come out?

January 28, 2020
debuts the world’s first truly seamless global messaging solution for smartphones. January 28, 2020 09:00 ET | Source: ZOLEO Inc.

Who is ZOLEO?

Meet ZOLEO, the affordable accessory that extends your smartphone messaging coverage to everywhere on Earth and provides a safety system you can count on. Ruggedly designed, location-aware and Iridium-based, the ZOLEO satellite communicator device will keep you connected and secure when venturing beyond cell coverage*.

Can you send pictures with ZOLEO?

The ZOLEO app does not allow you to send images. The messages may include alphanumeric text and emojis, perfect for quick check-ins and longer conversations. The app is free to download and use over Wi-Fi or cellular, so you can check out the messaging before making a purchase!

What is the zoleo?

The ZOLEO is a brand new, mature contender in the category of two-way satellite messengers. As a new product from a little-known company, we are pleasantly surprised with the sophistication and polish of all aspects of this product. The ZOLEO has nearly everything we look for in a satellite messenger for wilderness travel.

What is zoleo satellite communicator?

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator sends and receives messages via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of mobile coverage. The ZOLEO app seamlessly messages via mobile network or Wi-Fi when its available. You’ll never miss a message even if your ZOLEO device isn’t on. Why ZOLEO?

Does zoleo offer global messaging?

✉️GLOBAL MESSAGING AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE: Only ZOLEO extends your messaging coverage to everywhere on earth transmitting over the lowest cost network available (satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi). ZOLEO offers a familiar text messaging experience to and from any SMS text number, email address or another ZOLEO app user.

What are the safety features of zoleo?

Other safety features include check-in to let others know you’re OK (using built-in device button or the ZOLEO app) and the ability to add your GPS coordinates to any message. Location Share+ (add-on at $6/mo) allows for automatic location sharing at a selected interval including a breadcrumb trail viewable in a map.