What jewelry era was 1920s?

What jewelry era was 1920s?

1920s Gatsby jewelry was simple but colorful for daywear and an elegant white, crystal, or black for evenings. Long pearl flapper necklaces, large gemstone brooches, bangles and bracelets, and sparkling filigree rings are all icons of the roaring 20s. 1920s earrings were long drops that exposed bare necks.

What is a festoon necklace?

A festoon is an arrangement of flowers, fruit and/or foliage. The word comes from the latin festo ; festive, holidays. Festoons became a popular motif in jewelry during the Neoclassical period. Edwardian (Festoon) Diamond and Pearl Garland Necklace.

What is the most popular necklace style?

This Year’s Most Popular Necklace Trends

  • 1.) Diamond Collars and Chokers.
  • 2.) Chain Link Necklaces.
  • 3.) Memorable Lockets.
  • 4.) Powerful Pearls.
  • 5.) Pops of Color.
  • 6.) Celestial Statements.
  • 7.) Charming Accents.
  • 8.) Notable Nameplates.

Did they wear pearls in 1920s?

Long pearl necklaces are the most iconic of all 1920s jewelry pieces. Not all pearl necklaces were long or worn in a single strand. It was popular to wear layers of them in various lengths from 60 inches on up. Longer pearls were fashionable in the early twenties and were getting shorter as the decade progressed.

Did they wear diamonds in the 1920s?

Although many rings took on Art Deco shapes, the popular Art Nouveau style of filigree casings around precious stones– diamonds– still ruled most of the 1920s.

What is the thing on the necklace called?

A bail (also spelled “bale”) is a component of certain types of jewelry, mostly necklaces, that is used to attach a pendant or stone. The bail is normally placed in the center of the necklace where the pendant hangs.

What’s the back of a necklace called?

The Clasp – This part of the necklace is what keeps it all together and in tact. The fastening piece can either be a clasp, spring ring, or hook and eye fastener that keeps the chain connected.

What is an antique necklace?

In jewellery trade terms, ‘antique’ describes a piece that was made at least 100 years ago. That means that any jewellery made around 1920 or before is technically antique.

What type of chain is best for pendants?

Simple chains, like cable, Figaro, curb, wheat, and box chains are all great options for pendant necklaces. These necklaces have high durability and timeless, minimalistic looks that make them work with most pendant styles. Herringbone and snake chains tend to be too delicate for pendants.