What kind of jacket is a Starter jacket?

What kind of jacket is a Starter jacket?

Starter jackets are jackets made by the Starter Clothing Line that were a fad in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Starter jackets were typically designed to show allegiance to a particular professional or college sports team, and prominently featured both the team`s logo and colors.

Why are Starter jackets so popular?

Because of their price tag (upwards of $150 on average), a Starter Jacket was much more of a status symbol than it was a fashion accessory because you didn’t need any particular sense of style to wear one and wear it well.

Are Starter jackets making a comeback?

Production of the Starter Jacket stopped in the mid-90s, but now, after nearly two decades away, they are back. The G-III Apparel Group is teaming with the NFL, NBA and NCAA to revive one of the signature pieces of American outerwear in the past thirty years.

When did they stop making Starter jackets?

In 2000, when 29 other MLB teams switched to the MLB Authentic Collection, the New York Yankees were the last team to wear Starter jackets. The Starter name was purchased in 1999 by Official Starter Properties and Official Starter.

Is starter still a brand?

Starter, though, ran into trouble in the mid-1990s, declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1999, and the brand was bought and sold several times before Iconix Brand Group, a New York-based company, acquired it in December 2007.

Are Starter jackets waterproof?

Starter hangtag doubles as a sticker! This essential waterproof rain jacket will keep you dry and comfortable through tough rainy weather.

Do people still wear Starter jackets?

Do they still make Starter jackets? Yes, they still make Starter jackets. You can buy a brand new Starter jacket for teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL (links below).

Do Starter jackets still exist?

Starter jackets are sold through semi-regional specialty stores like Detroit-based Elite Mr. Alan’s, Villa (located in the Northeast) and Fanatics, a national internet retailer of authentic sports apparel. The active wear, which does not feature pro teams’ logos, is still sold exclusively through Walmart.

Do people still wear starter jackets?

Do starter jackets still exist?

How much does a Starter jacket weigh?

The jacket weighs about 16oz and does a reasonable job of keeping me warm and dry. I wore it once in a considerable downpour and the jacket got saturated.

Is Starter apparel still in business?