What kind of jewelry do you put in a conch piercing?

What kind of jewelry do you put in a conch piercing?

Flat back stud earrings and barbells are ideal for inner conch piercings due to their location. Flat back studs, captive rings, circular barbells, hoop earrings, and curved barbells can be used for outer conch piercings due to their proximity to the edge of the ear.

Can I put a regular earring in my conch?

It is possible to wear a stud in the outer conch, but the hoop style (also known as an orbital conch piercing) seems to be the most popular. In the inner conch, you’ll want to opt for a cartilage stud. You can choose a stud with a flat disc back or ball backing, whichever style you prefer.

Is 6mm too small for conch?

Ideally, you want the hoop to be comfortable but snug, with little movement or drooping. If you prefer wearing a flat-back labret in your conch piercing, the bar length you need will depend on your cartilage thickness, however 6mm or 8mm generally works for most people.

What G is a conch piercing?

The most common size is 16 gauge (but can be up to 14 gauge) for both the inner and outer conch.

Can you pierce conch with hoop?

Standard conch jewelry hoops have a diameter of 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch or 10 to 12 mm. The size range provides material to fit comfortably in most conch piercings. You should use 10 to 12 mm hoops to fill daith, cartilage, or lobe piercings snugly.

Is it better to get a conch piercing with a stud or hoop?

Cassi Lopez, head piercer at New York Adorned, told Refinery29 that it’s best to choose studs. Because studs are both thicker and larger overall, they won’t move as much as hoops — and that means they’ll heal much faster, she explained.

Is conch The most painful piercing?

You can tell that the cartilage in the conch is thicker and harder than most other parts of your ear. This means the piercing is going to be more painful than one in most other areas, including your earlobe. Here’s a closer look at the pain associated with conch piercings: During the procedure.

How long will my conch piercing be sore?

It is normal for the skin around the piercing to swell, turn red, and painful to touch for a few days. You may also notice a little bleeding. If the swelling, redness, and bleeding last longer than 2-3 days, contact your doctor.

Where to buy conch earrings?


  • Thickness Gauge. 20 Gauge (.8mm) 16 Gauge (1.2mm) 14 Gauge (1.6mm)
  • Price
  • Style
  • What jewelry is used in a conch piercing?

    There are various types of jewelries used like labret,BCR or barbells and everyone come in various gauges

  • These types of conch accessories are obtainable in either a form of labret,BCR or barbell
  • Each and every type of conch jewelry provides a various purpose as well as is used for the personal taste
  • How much does a conch piercing cost?

    The conch, or the outer shell of your ear, can be pierced just as easily as any other spot on your ear. How much does a conch piercing cost? A conch piercing will usually have a price of anywhere between $35 and $100 for the piercing job and the jewelry that will be placed inside your ear.

    What is conch shell jewelry?

    The Association of the Conch with Hindu Deities. According to Hindu mythology,the conch shell is a revered and sacred emblem of the Hindu god Vishnu,known as the Preserver.

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