What kind of wood is chinese fir?

What kind of wood is chinese fir?

China fir, (Cunninghamia lanceolata), coniferous evergreen timber tree of the cypress family (Cupressaceae), native to East Asia. The China fir may grow to a height of 50 metres (160 feet), with a circumference of about 5.5 metres (18 feet); it is covered with fragrant, reddish brown bark that is shed in long strips.

Is Cunninghamia a cedar Lanceolata?

Initially these playsets were marketed as made from “China Fir” which is the common name for Cunninghamia Lanceolata, a species native to China. Soon thereafter, marketers changed the name for this same wood to “Chinese Cedar” to piggy-back on the reputation of authentic North American cedars.

What is Cunninghamia cedar?

Cunninghamia is a genus of one or two living species of evergreen coniferous trees in the cypress family Cupressaceae. They are native to China, northern Vietnam and Laos, and perhaps also Cambodia. They may reach 50 m (160 ft) in height.

Is China fir good wood?

China-fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) has a reputation for producing naturally durable heartwood. This species is native in China and has been extensive planted there. Mainly, extractives are responsible for the wood resistance to decay fungi.

Is Chinese fir a softwood or hardwood?

The Chinese fir wood is soft, and the daily cleaning and maintenance are not good, which will cause the cracks that are difficult to repair.

Is Chinese cedar good?

Chinese Cedar- Used by many fence companies because of its lower cost, Chinese Cedar is not actually cedar, it is a fir. Its ability to resist decay and weathering is inferior to Western Red Cedar making it less suitable for fences and other outdoor structures.

What is China cedar?

Chinese Cedar (sometimes referred to as China Fir even though it is not a fir) is part of the Cypress family of woods and is a close courin of the Western Red Cedar. The Cypress family woods are soft but durable, easily worked, resistant to bugs and termites, and resist decay.

What is Chinese white cedar?

Cedar. Cunninghamia lanceolata (AKA china cedar) is a soft, but durrable wood. It is easily worked, resistant to bugs, termites, and decay. China cedar is used in many applications such as: Housing.

Is Chinese Fir rot resistant?

More susceptible to rot and insects, it can last 5-7 years. It can also warp or bow over time.

Is Chinese Fir durable?

Although Chinese fir is not easy to deform, it will be very fragile under high temperature, not only impacting, but also easy to deform.